Northwestern Mutual's Pinterest Collaboration Connects Dreams to Financial Planning

Northwestern Mutual’s Pinterest Collaboration Connects Dreams to Financial Planning

Northwestern Mutual has teamed up with Pinterest to create an immersive experience that allows consumers to connect the dots from their dreams to the financial planning they need to accomplish those dreams.

From Pinning to Planning turns vision boards into a starting place to save money to turn dreams into action. “Northwestern Mutual’s collaboration with Pinterest was created to really meet the needs of those who are already in the planning mindset, but may not have taken the first step in making their dreams happen just yet,” said Lynn Teo, chief marketing officer of Northwestern Mutual. 

“Specifically, we’re trying to reach those Americans who are ready to turn that elusive ‘someday’ into today by connecting them with our team of more than 8,000 dedicated financial advisors who represent a key part of our unique brand proposition,” Teo added. “In terms of how this collaboration works, Pinners, through a promoted pin their feed, are invited to select from a series of images that best describe their future hopes and dreams.”  

The campaign drops ahead of Financial Literacy Month in April to help people learn about financial planning in a fun way. Using Pinterest’s data, Northwestern Mutual created an immersive quiz to reveal eight different Pinterest Personas: Sustainable Sightseer, Immersive Experientialist, Trendsetter Bride, Destination Bride, Progressive Parent, New Parents, Restoration Maker and Visionary. Consumers can take the quiz to receive customized content from financial advisors explaining how Northwestern Mutual can help support these life plans, be it a vacation, a wedding, children or a home renovation.

“Northwestern Mutual is always looking for innovative solutions to reach Americans in ways that resonate with our clients,” said Teo. “In the 2023 Pinterest Predicts report, which forecasts trends for the upcoming year, gamifying financial habits was a top trend, reflecting how people are seeking out information to make building healthy financial habits fun.”  

The collaboration is an extension of Northwestern Mutual’s Great Realization national brand campaign that launched in Fall 2022. This brand campaign is focused on helping consumers turn their dreams into realities by financial planning.

“Northwestern Mutual found a growing number of Americans are having a collective moment of reflection, redefining what’s most important to them, and rewriting the rules to chart a new path,” added Teo. “Given this sentiment, we wanted to pay off on the promise of helping people take action to make their dreams a reality. Specifically, to be the advocates for, and experts in, helping consumers navigate out of financial anxiety and engineer the life they want through a comprehensive financial plan and the trusted advice and partnership of an advisor.”  

“Because there are approximately 450 million people who turn to Pinterest every month to create a life they love and plan life’s biggest moments, this created an opportunity for Northwestern Mutual to reach people when they are in a planning mindset,” she continued.