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Minute Maid Hamms it up for Zero Sugar drinks

  • Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid brand is launching its first global campaign for its Zero Sugar line of beverages. The effort features noted actor Jon Hamm, sort of. 
  • In the campaign, Hamm is seen practicing his lines in front of a mirror to sell the product before it is revealed that the product is so good that it “sells itself” and his services are not needed. 
  • Beverages in Minute Maid’s Zero Sugar line include Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Passion, Fruit Punch and Pineapple. The drinks launched in 2020 without dedicated marketing support. 

In the four years since Minute Maid launched its line of Zero Sugar drinks, the portfolio has sold well. But there comes a time when they could be better, which is why the brand is opting to launch its first global campaign this week. 

“In a world where consumers want more beverage options, Minute Maid Zero Sugar is one of the only beverages people can rely on for great tasting zero-sugar juice drinks,” said Alex Ames, senior creative director of content and creative excellence at The Coca-Cola Company. “As we look to grow the brand globally, and further accelerate growth in North America, we wanted to create a ‘launch’ campaign that talks about why we never really had a launch campaign in the first place.”

Thus was born the positioning that the product “sells itself.” As the brand developed the creative concept, the team hit on using Jon Hamm as a spokesperson who could poke fun at himself, Ames said. As a persona, Hamm has widely displayed a knack for self-aware comedy and comedic timing, and as an actor, he is probably best-known for a role that is closely associated with advertising (and, not uncoincidentally advertising for Coca-Cola). 

“Given his strong comedic timing, connection to advertising, and being known as the spokesperson for several brands, Hamm was the perfect partner for the ‘Sells Itself’ campaign, effortlessly leveraging his laid back, approachable humor to highlight how delicious we’ve made Minute Maid Zero Sugar. For us, from day one with this campaign, it was ‘Hamm or Bust,’” Ames said. 

In addition to the hero spot, in which Hamm discovers his talents are not needed, the brand has also developed a social media video in which it’s explained that Hamm stormed off the set after understanding the brand “sells itself.” The video then splices together various clips of Hamm saying, “Minute Maid Zero Sugar. It’s a breakthrough. Great taste and zero sugar.”

The campaign began running in North America on March 11 and will roll out into global markets through June 2024. The content will run across digital, streaming and online video. The campaign will also include creator-generated content on social, including a TikTok-branded mission and high-impact outdoor advertising.