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Lay’s: Soccer is incomplete without us

  • Lay’s asserts that a soccer game isn’t complete without snacks in the latest iteration of its “No Lays, No Game” campaign, as the UEFA Champions League tournament gets underway. 
  • The campaign includes a television spot featuring soccer superstars David Beckham and Thierry Henry that depicts a fan getting a prime seat after being spotted in the stands of a game with a bag of Lay’s. 
  • The campaign also includes a digital “Lay’s Detector” through which fans can prove they have Lay’s by their side during games for the chance to win prizes, content and even tickets to the UCL final game in London. 

The new campaign is a sequel of sorts to an effort Lay’s launched last year that featured Henry paying surprise visits to soccer fans’ houses to see if they had Lay’s on hand. In a similar vein, this year’s campaign centered around surprising Lay’s consuming fans via a “Chip Cam” stunt filmed during a match between AC Milan and PSG at San Siro. 

The Chip Cam, a play on the popular “Kiss Cam” that runs during many sporting events, scanned the game looking for fans in the stands who were consuming Lay’s chips. The camera scanned several people who offered up snacks such as pizzas and empty Lay’s bags, before finding a father and daughter consuming the product. They were then invited to watch the game alongside Beckham and Henry. The spot will air throughout the tournament season.

“We chose to film the commercial at a live game because we knew filming with a live audience would capture the excitement, authenticity and intensity of a crowd showing up to a match to cheer on their favorite team,” said Ciara Dilley, vice president of marketing for the Global Foods Group at Pepsico. “We ended up filming the commercial fifteen minutes before kickoff, so we only had one chance to get it right – which was certainly a challenge, but the reward was seeing how David and Thierry were able to ignite the crowd and spark a search for fans with Lay’s.”

For those who were not able to attend the game in San Siro, Lay’s has developed a digital “Lay’s Detector,” that will enable fans to scan a QR code on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram channels (or as depicted in the commercial)  to prove they have Lay’s products while watching a game at home. Those who do will be entered to win prizes, content or even tickets to the UCL Men’s Finals at Wembley Stadium. 

Lay’s knows sports and snacking often go together as shareable, community-based occasions, making our interest and involvement in the space a natural fit,” Dilley said. “PepsiCo’s investment in sports stems from the passion for celebrating and building connections through fandom with some of its most beloved brands serving as official sponsors of professional sports leagues and some of the world’s most iconic sporting events.”