Jameson Taps Ryan Fitzpatrick in Push for Football Games in Dublin

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As the NFL engages in talks to host more games globally, the Pernod Group’s Jameson Irish Whiskey brand wants to see a game in Ireland.

As the NFL engages in talks to host more games globally, the Pernod Group’s Jameson Irish Whiskey brand wants to see a game in Ireland.

The company has partnered with former pro football QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for a new campaign that calls on football fans to encourage the NFL to host a game in Dublin.  As pro football goes international, 85% of football fans said they are interested in seeing more international cities host games, according to data shared with Brand Innovators by Jameson. 

Together Fitzpatrick and Jameson are calling on fans to show their support for an Irish game at JamesonSports.com. The campaign includes a contest in which  Jameson will fly select fans to Dublin if a pro football game does in fact make it to Ireland. By participating, consumers could also potentially win limited-edition football merchandise such as a fanny pack, a foam finger and a Jameson Touchdown in Dublin football flag.

To promote the effort, the Irish Whiskey brand is increasing its fall media spend by 50% this year, with ad buys across TV, CTV, OLV, display, social, search and ecommerce, as well as out-of-home ads purchased in strategic locations near stadiums and bars. Brand Innovators caught up with Johan Radojewski, vice president of marketing at Pernod Ricard North America, to discuss this effort.

What is the strategy behind this campaign?

As fans across the U.S. gear up for the return of football season, Jameson seeks to excite sports fanatics with a big idea and keep the brand top of mind this season. It’s clear that pro American football has gone global, with major cities like Frankfurt, Mexico City and London hosting games. Now, Jameson wants to propose the next – Dublin, Ireland. As the sport continues to grow and more games are played internationally, we believe that Dublin (the city that Jameson was founded in) is a perfect fit to host a Pro American football game, from its welcoming spirit to world famous grass.

For the campaign, Jameson has teamed up with former pro American QB Ryan Fitzpatrick to build the hype and star in advertising and social media content. Fitzpatrick has seen the popularity of pro American football abroad firsthand, having played in games all over the world over his 17-year career. With this experience and his incredible Irish last name, there’s no one who knows how to combine football and Ireland better. 

What role does football play in your marketing strategy?  

From watch parties to tailgates, the American football season brings people together like no other. The Jameson brand is all about coming together and reveling in our collective excitement. As we see the rising enthusiasm for American football abroad, we want to continue the celebration and assemble a huddle of passionate fans to join our unofficial call for a game in Dublin. If a regular season game is announced in the next year (by Sept. 13, 2024), we’re even going to fly select fans to Dublin to raise a glass of whiskey and experience the momentous occasion together. We can’t think of anything livelier than an afternoon of football, friends and a Jameson cocktail in hand. Well, except a game in Dublin!

Who is this targeting and how does this effort reach this audience?

Jameson Touchdown in Dublin is all about rallying football fans 21+ to join Jameson’s unofficial call for a regular season pro American football game to be played in Dublin. By timing this effort around the start of the American fall sports season, we’re hoping to turn sports lovers’ heads and encourage them to join our huddle to support a pro American football game in one of the world’s most fun and lively cities. Based on a recent 1Q survey for Jameson, 85% of football fans said they are interested in seeing more international cities host professional American football games and 86% of fans said they would be excited to hear that a professional American football game was scheduled to play in Dublin. It’s apparent that fans are eager to see football go international.

To reach these eager fans, Jameson has increased its media spend this Fall by 50%. This record-breaking spend for the brand will spread presence across TV, CTV, OLV< Display, Social, Search, eComm and strategic positioning near stadiums and bars. Through humorous advertising featuring former pro American football QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and exhilarating offers like limited-edition swag and a chance to fly to Dublin if a regular season game is announced in the city, Jameson is building hype for fans 21+ that will last throughout the season.

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