House-Cleaning & Airline Madness: Your Friday Brand Roundup

Last week we managed to sneak in a Lizzo reference. This week it’s “Sausage Party.” Oh, what a world. This is your very special and festive and perhaps sprinkled-with-nutmeg Friday brand roundup.

Brands in the News

Breaking news from the airline industry: “A Star is Born” and “Crazy Rich Asians” were the most watched in-flight movies of the year, according to data from United, Southwest, JetBlue and Alaska Airlines. Not on the list: “Sausage Party.” (via Fortune)

On a more sober air-related note, Boeing suspended production of that troubled Max 8 aircraft. (via BBC)

Airports at the holidays are like the old Roach Motel from SNL: travelers come in but they don’t come out. While you’re delayed at O’Hare in Chicago next week, be sure to relax in Uber’s “Comfort Lounge.” (via Adweek)

It’s the holidays and you’re cleaning house. So is the new CEO at Bed Bath & Beyond, who just swept out most of his c-suite. (via CNN)

Some people dreamed of an ad-free world and now they’ve got one. Sort of. Interesting piece about brands and Netflix. (via The New York Times)

Spare a thought for these brands that didn’t make it out of the 2010s alive. Looking at you, Blockbuster. (via Vox)

The Craft of Marketing

Not everyone has a mentor. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get big knowledge from CMOs and marketing leaders. Boy, that was a bunch of negatives in one sentence. (via Adweek)

How can agencies steer brands towards more purposeful advertising? Glad you asked. (via Adweek)

Let’s be honest: when you read a piece called “Six Common Marketing Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid,” doesn’t it just turn you into a head case and make your failure inevitable? Oh well, click this link anyway! (via Forbes)

If you want your brand to be great, you’d be wise to build a company culture that matches. (via Harvard Business Review)

In case you Gen X-ers were feeling left out amidst all that Gen Z hype, here’s a nice think-piece on how direct-to-consumer brands have you in their sights. (via Glossy)

That’s it. We’re out. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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