Hologic, a Women's Medical Device Company, Buys First-Time Super Bowl Ad

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Medical technology company Hologic, which offers AI to help address women's health issues, will be advertising at the Super Bowl for the first-time ever this year. 

Medical technology company Hologic, which offers AI to help address women's health issues, will be advertising at the Super Bowl for the first-time ever this year. 

The company has bought a :30 spot during the first half of the game to launch a new campaign promoting the company’s Well-Woman initiative featuring Grammy Award winner and Academy Award nominee Mary J. Blige. 

“Hologic has enjoyed a great relationship with Mary J. Blige for the past couple of years and when it was announced that she would be the only woman among sort of the halftime show lineup, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to partner and expand the partnership with somebody who understands Hologic's mission and commitment to women's health,” said Cheryl Overton, chief experience officer at Cheryl Overton Communications, the strategy and integration agency representing the brand.

“It seemed like a natural opportunity to put a megaphone on the important women's health message,” she continued. “This is probably the largest television audience of the year in North America. That was really why the brand decided this would be a great time to use that platform to reach as many people as possible, both women, and of course, the people who care about women with an important message to take care of your health.” 

“While historically we've spent a significant amount of our time on B2B advertising, we actually have been more consumer facing for years with awareness messages and with talent and media partners to really drive the message of early screening of detection and treatment, because we know that there is a deficit in women taking care of their health,” said Jane Mazur, vice president of corporate communications at Hologic. “And this has been exacerbated by the pandemic. As a women's health leader, the onus is on us to actually drive this message to both the patient and the clinical communities metrics.”

In the ad, Blige shows that no matter how busy she is, she makes time in her busy schedule for annual gynecological exams. The strategy comes out of research conducted among women by Hologic. The study found that since COVID hit, women have been taking on more responsibilities and have fallen behind on annual health exams. 

“We've all been living through a pandemic and women are so busy, at work and home as CEOs of the family, so of course the news was not surprising,” explains Overton. “We know that it's not good for us to delay our annual screenings, either a mammogram, cervical health checkups or other uterine checks, and we really want to make sure that women keep pace with that.”

“The strategy was, let us find the biggest medium, let us use all of the media at our disposal to really highlight and emphasize that women have to put our health first,” Overton continued. “The strategy is really sort of shout it loud, and encourage her to spread the word among her peers and social networks and friend networks about getting screened.”

The Super Bowl ad is part of an integrated campaign with a dedicated website designed for consumers and health care providers alike to find information about the importance of women getting their annual screenings. The TV and digital ads are aimed at driving traffic to the site. Influencers on social media will be creating content inspired by this message and their own personal health journeys, and of course Blige will also be using her social channels to promote the site.

The spot was created by Black-owned woman led agency CHÉ Creative and directed by child. Cheryl Overton Communications, who serves as the strategy and integration lead driving brand experience across consumer and media touch-points for the campaign identified CHÉ Creative for the work.When Hologic decided to do the Super Bowl initiative. This was international as they way to reach a diverse audience of women and wanted the ad to reflect credibility and authenticity and of course, great creativity. 

“We thought it was really important to have a very eclectic, diverse, experienced and nuanced team who themselves have real personal connections to this thread and this narrative that they will be behind the creation of this,” Overton explained. “We're thrilled. We think that when the world sees it, everyone will enjoy this work, because it was infused authentically with diverse experiences and diverse voices. We think that it appeals to everyone.”

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