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Great Clips banks on Kawasaki’s buzz

  • Piggybacking on Kawasaki’s mullet-filled Super Bowl commercial, Great Clips has offered free “business in the front, party in the back” haircuts to 15,000 people. 
  • 15,000 coupons for the haircuts were claimed within seven hours of release, according to the company. Those who were unable to score the entire free haircut were rewarded with coupons for $2 off. 
  • The promo was born out of a social media back-and-forth between the two brands, inspired by Kawasaki’s upcoming commercial that features two adventure seekers who magically grow mullets upon entering Kawasaki’s new side-by-side Ridge vehicle. 

Marketing around the Super Bowl has long been about more than just the big game. Teaser ads, social media activations and brand partnerships are all part of the overall plan to extend campaigns beyond the one-day event. Great Clips and Kawasaki’s partnership may not have been planned in advance, but it is nonetheless a way for both brands to create buzz and reach new consumer audiences. 

While most Super Bowl-oriented partnerships are worked out months in advance, this one came together in a matter of days, according to Lisa Hake, Great Clips’ vice president of marketing and communications. Once Kawasaki’s premise caught fire online, the idea was born.  

“Kawasaki wanted to see mullets sweep the nation, and who’s better equipped to provide that than Great Clips,” Hake said. “I would love to say we planned it in advance, but it literally came together in days.”

Great Clips used their position as a marketing partner of another professional sports league to hype the free mullets, Hake said. While in Toronto for the NHL’s All-Star game, the brand created content with social influencers The Hockey Guys (Levi Cudmore and Martan Yelle) to get two of the first free mullets. 

“It was a way to get some quick content from them as we get our NHL campaign together,” Hake said.