Forever 21 Gets ‘Phygital’ with New Collection

Forever 21 Gets ‘Phygital’ with New Collection

The line between the physical and digital worlds – a.k.a. The “phygital” – is getting blurrier by the day. This week, fashion retailer Forever 21 will launch the “F21 Metaverse Collection” inspired by the brand’s foray into the metaverse and virtual product testing. 

The collection, featuring hoodies and T-shirts, is designed to include elements featured in the brand’s virtual offerings and also includes a real-world version of the Forever Beanie, the top-selling item in Forever 21’s Shop City destination on Roblox. 

Winnie Park, Forever 21 CEO, said, “Our initial goal with Forever 21 Shop City was to expand how we engage with our customers and make our products accessible to all,” said Winnie Park, Forever 21’s CEO, in a statement. “With the success of the virtual Forever Beanie in our Roblox store, we are thrilled to bring this beloved product and the entire F21 Metaverse Collection to life.”

Forever21 launched its Roblox-based Shop City last year, as a space to test new fashions and give users a different experience beyond gaming on the platform. With Roblox’s own research showing that 70% of Gen Z users borrow ideas from their physical selves for their online avatars, Forever 21 is looking to explore ways to meld physical and digital experiences, according to the company. 

In addition to offering the F21 Metaverse Collection through its real-world stores and websites, the brand will offer a limited-edition accessories collection through its Shop Ciy store during the month of December. One item will drop every day throughout the month and will only be available for less than 24 hours.