Forever 21 Brings Some Art to LA

Forever 21 Brings Some Art to LA

Fashion brand Forever 21 has launched a partnership with Art Bridges the Gap and the Boys & Girls Club of America to create and paint a number of murals throughout Los Angeles to brighten up the city and recognize that “there’s a little LA in everyone.”

The murals are an extension of Forever 21’s recently launched campaign, “Forever LA,” which highlights the city’s multicultural roots and as an artistic center of innovation. The campaign has also influenced the company’s store floor plans in Los Angeles, noted Jacob Hawkins, chief marketing, digital and omni officer at Forever 21.

“The heart of our campaign is that ‘there is a little LA in all of us,’” Hawkins said. “This amazing city reflects so many ethnicities, backgrounds, talents, and more.”

Through the project, groups of Los Angeles youth will come together to define the themes, content and vibe of their murals. Local artists will use these ideas and visions imparted in these conversations into murals that will appear in key intersections of the city. Each mural will feature a QR code which, when activated, will unlock a unique Forever LA page with information about the art, the activation partners and highlights from the painting events. 

“We hope to keep the information fresh and timely as more people discover the murals and click on the QR codes,” Hawkins said. 

The first mural, at Sunset and Highland in Hollywood, was unveiled last week. Other paintings will follow in KoreaTown, Venice and South LA, in the coming weeks. The effort was created in partnership with The Salon, a cultural consultancy within agency Campbell Ewald.  

“Boys & Girls Clubs of America believes that every young person deserves access to a robust arts education,” said Jim Clark, president & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America. “Forever 21 recognizes the arts as an essential pathway for young people to discover their passions and express themselves within the local community, and we are grateful for this partnership as we continue our mission to help kids and teens reach their full potential.”