Claire’s seeks Gen Zalpha input through ‘The Collab’ - Brand Innovators

Claire’s seeks Gen Zalpha input through ‘The Collab’

  • Fashion retailer Claire’s is looking to connect with younger consumers by launching “The Collab,” encouraging consumers to share stories, talents and perspectives. 
  • The initiative is launching with a core group of Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers for the brand’s spring campaign. In the company’s vision, the group will grow and become more dynamic with new additions throughout the year. 
  • The company will ask these consumers to provide input on creative direction across content, communications and activations, including in-store experiences and events. 

The Collab takes its inspiration from Claire’s brand platform, “Be the Most,” and encourages members of “Gen Zalpha” to share their interests and passions. The initial group of collaborators has representatives ranging in age from 7 years old to 17 years old, whose interests range from fashion and music to filmmaking and sports. 

The Collab’s is launching in tandem with Clair’s spring collection.  Throughout the year, The Collab members will have a hand in the brand’s creative expression, including styling commercial shoots, creating content, hosting events, and sharing their stories. For instance, in the group’s first campaign, one of the girls is wearing a dress she designed, while another contributed behind-the-scenes photography. 

“Our mission at Claire’s is to empower Gen Zalpha to be their truest selves, and to give them the tools needed to do so,” said Kristin Patrick, the brand’s chief marketing officer. “With this new platform, we’re turning creative control completely over to our consumer to share their unique talents, personalities and passions in their own words. … We can’t wait to see how this extraordinary group of young people will help shape our brand.”