Christina Aguilera Featured in SweeTARTS Music Campaign

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Ferrara brand SweeTARTS has teamed up with pop star Christina Aguilera for a new online music contest.

Ferrara brand SweeTARTS has teamed up with pop star Christina Aguilera for a new online music contest.

Fans can create rhythms and melodies which were inspired by SweeTARTS' candy and submit their tracks to the microsite for the chance to win prizes, including a review session with Aguilera.

“We know Gen-Z prides itself on not fitting neatly into one box, much less preferring just one favorite music genre,” said Ashley Incarnato, Marketing Director at SweeTARTS. “As a brand that is both sweet and tart, SweeTARTS also champions being more than one thing. That’s why our new SweetBEATS mixer allows those fans to combine musical sounds to craft a beat as fresh and unique as they are. And like SweeTARTS, Christina Aguilera refuses to be pigeon-holed into a single category. As an iconic vocalist, designer and full-time mom, she shares our approach to never settling on one definition of self.”

The campaign is designed to help people bring together their love of music and their love of candy at a time when summer concerts have begun to take place and people are thinking about music. “Music is an important part of SweeTARTS’ fans lives, especially our Gen-Z ones,” Incarnato said. ”And those fans’ music tastes are often a bold and ever-changing way to express themselves. SweeTARTS is celebrating this creative self-expression this summer by giving them the chance to create beats as wide-ranging and diverse as the brand’s beloved candy portfolio.”

The brand chose a digital activation as the core audience spends most of their time in digital channels. “While the world does seem to slowly be opening back up, digital platforms and our Gen-Z fans’ preference for them won’t be going anywhere anytime soon,” Incarnato said. “By having an online and social-sharing foundation, the SweetBEATS mixer allows those fans to virtually play up their creativity, discover new talents and share their custom creations with friends to enhance their overall digital experience.”

The Ferrara brand does not require a purchase for consumers to participate in the contest, but requires participants to sign up using Facebook, Google or email. Fans can vote for their favorite tracks and the top 20 entries will be sent to Aguilera to decide on the final winner. The runners up will receive prize packs.

“Our fans pride themselves in their fearless and dynamic tastes and influences to let their individuality shine for the world,” Aguilera. “And with SweetBEATS, we're letting them create a multi-dimensional sound that is truly their own. We're thrilled to work with the peerless pop icon Christina Aguilera to help those fans express their individuality and creativity through our mixer this summer.” 

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