Challenger brand Genexa calls on consumers to #DitchtheDirty in their medicine cabinets

Challenger brand Genexa calls on consumers to #DitchtheDirty in their medicine cabinets

DTC pharmaceutical brand Genexa has kicked off a new fall campaign encouraging consumers to restock their medicine cabinets with “clean” products.

The company, which bills itself as the “clean” alternative to over-the-counter medicines that use artificial ingredients, is giving away free bottles of medicine at 

“#DitchtheDirty is our first campaign, meant to encourage consumers to ditch medicines that contain dirty ingredients, and restock their medicine cabinets with clean medicine and ingredients instead,” said Kelli Lane, CMO of Genexa. “We want to make sure everyone is prepared for any symptoms that may arise during this year’s cold and flu season, so we are giving away free bottles of Genexa to anyone who wants them.”

Pharmaceutical companies including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline have seen revenues increase this year and online sales increase as consumers stocked up on their favorite  over-the-counter (OTC) remedies during lockdown. As the fall cold and flu season begins, many consumers are restocking medicines to be prepared for seasonal illnesses to help fight symptoms early as the coronavirus continues to spread.

Genexa, which was founded by two dads in 2016, as a clean medicine company across the supplement, homeopathic categories. Last month, the brand launched a new over-the-counter line of products. 

“2020 has thrown a ton of curve balls at us all,” said Lane. “We are the first medicine company to sell DTC on our website. We are the first that has a founder’s phone number on every bottle. We are the first to reply to every customer service inquiry in 15 minutes or less. We are not just customer centric, we are people obsessed. The digital landscape allows brands to connect with people 1:1 if they want to. We are embracing that because we truly believe in putting people over everything.” 

“As cold and flu season ramps up, we want to make sure that families have clean medicine at the ready and clean medicine cabinets stocked,” she added.

Consumers can visit the DitchtheDirty microsite to get a free bottle of Genexa medicine of their choice, up to an $11.99 value.  “We make clean medicine for everyone – whether you prefer homeopathic or conventional OTC,” said Lane. “Our goal is to provide clean alternatives to every medicine in the aisle. So we are targeting anyone who wants clean medicine options.” 

To support the launch, the brand has kicked off its largest digital ad campaign to date. The campaign includes the microsite, a Youtube video, as well as an Instagram post from Goop founder/actress Gywneth Paltrow, who is an investor in the company.

“One of our core principles is people always come first, no matter what,” Lane said. “Social media is the platform for communities of people to connect, worth each other and with the brands they love and trust. And we believe above all, the place where brands have to be 100% transparent in their values, their product, and their mission. Ours is to revolutionize the medicine aisle in a way that puts people over everything, in everything we do. Social is the place for us to connect to our community and let that community share with their communities.”

“Our strategy has always been grassroots first – start by actually talking to people, not at them,” Lane added. “Covid has brought health and wellness more top of mind than ever before. That’s created more opportunities for conversations with our community. We will never just run ads. We believe the best marketing is actually through people loving your product and sharing it with their friends and family.”