Budweiser Brings Clydesdales to the Virtual Track

Budweiser Brings Clydesdales to the Virtual Track

Many racing fans dream of owning their own horses. But doing so is not cheap, which is why so few fans do own their own horses… at least in the real world. 

Budweiser has teamed with Zed Run, maker of a digital horse race using blockchain technology, to release a new NFT that gives owners the unique opportunity to race, in the digital world, one of the brand’s famous Clydesdale horses. 

On June 10, the brand will make 2,500 new Budweiser Pass NFTs available for purchase. Collectors and fans of legal drinking age will be able to purchase a pass for $225 plus a gas fee through the Hang marketplace. 

Budweiser Pass owners will then have access to Zed Run’s new Budweiser track, which features iconic brand imagery and a digital version of a Clydesdale collectible NFT horse. The brand is creating three different versions of the NFT in different quantities: 1,600 Classic Clydesdales, designed to look like the iconic horses; 800 Bud Bottle Clydesdales that glow amber and feature a modern Budweiser neon sign; and 100 Gold Clydesdales, which glisten gold and feature elements of the Brand’s iconic packaging and logo. 

“With the Budweiser Pass we’re celebrating and honoring an iconic piece of our history, the Budweiser Clydesdales, and bringing them into the exciting world of the metaverse,” said Spencer Gordon, vice president of consumer connections at AB InBev, in a statement. “It’s an example of how we’re constantly innovating and leveraging new technologies, like NFTs, to create memorable experiences for fans and bolster our brands.”

In addition to owning the collectibles, pass holders will also be eligible for other perks including merchandise drops and entry into exclusive Zed Run in-game events. 

“[Budweiser is] an iconic brand that shares our passion for sport, community and horse racing,” said Rob Salha, co-founder of Zed Run creator Virtually Human Studios. “This collaboration with Budweiser is set to capture the imagination of our Zed Run community.”