Brand Innovators Celebrates 100th Livecast on Oct. 13

The team at Brand Innovators is celebrating our 100th Livecast, “C-Suite & Marketing Leadership,” on Tuesday, October 13th – a milestone that illustrates how we have pivoted to keep the community together as the in-person events have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

The team at Brand Innovators is celebrating our 100th Livecast, “C-Suite & Marketing Leadership,” on Tuesday, October 13th – a milestone that illustrates how we have pivoted to keep the community together as the in-person events have been put on hold for the foreseeable future.

The pandemic meant no physical events, so we talked to our amazing community members about how best to bring them together virtually, to inspire them, keep them educated and engaged, while working from home in this new world. The result was a variety of virtual event formats, including our Livecasts and RoundTables, which kicked off April 1st.

Fast forward to today: we have hosted more than 834 senior executive marketers from our esteemed community in lively and intimate online discussions in how they are evolving and transforming their businesses during this year of uncertainty. 

This week we will also host a day of livecasts dedicated to “The Future of Work” and on Wednesday “Women in Marketing” on Thursday. 

At our live events this year, we've had C-Suite execs and leadership from the biggest brands in the country and Fortune 500 companies including: American Express, General Motors, Walmart, Mattel, PepsiCo, Walgreens, Toyota, MetLife, Hyundai, Nissan, Panera, Burger King, Unilever, and General Mills, among many many others. Alicia Tillman, Global CMO of SAP, who spoke at our first livecast will speak again on our 100th Livecast.

"It is always a pleasure to join Brand Innovators and I am especially excited to participate in their 100th livecast this week,” said Tillman. “Brand Innovators brings together a vibrant group of Marketers to facilitate learning and the exchange of ideas. The shift to virtual events has not slowed these efforts down and Brand Innovators continues to foster an environment where Marketers can gather online for the great content, programming, and community they’ve come to expect and enjoy.”

"What I love about Brand Innovators is that they deliver consistent access to incredible leaders and expertise," said Esperanza Teasdale, Vice President/General Manager at PepsiCo. "They provide continuous learning to everyone who attend their events."

We cover a LOT of ground. Some of our most popular themes include:

  • C-Suite & Marketing Leadership
  • Women in Marketing
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Future of TV & Media
  • Retail, Commerce and CPG
  • Direct to Consumer
  • Future of Food & Beverage
  • Marketing to Gen Z
  • Purpose Driven Marketing
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Challenger Brands

“None of this would have been possible without an amazing community of brand marketers and industry leaders who saw our vision and were on board for the journey with us since Day 1,” said David Teicher, Brand Innovators’ Chief Content Officer. “Similarly, I'm incredibly proud of our team here at Brand Innovators. Everyone stood up and really rose to the occasion. We were presented with a challenge and we faced it head on.” 

Our community has shared their enthusiasm for our programs and we thank them for their participation and support.

“Would I love to be back in person, absolutely, but I will say that Brand Innovators pivoted to virtual events very quickly and has continued to make them as enjoyable and interesting,” said Erin Levzow, Vice President Marketing Technology at Del Taco. “They have made it so I can pop in and catch a 30 min fireside chat quickly to keep growing my knowledge and it fits within my schedule. I am appreciative of Brand Innovators for continuing to push forward even when 2020 has thrown us all for a loop.”

"Brand Innovators gives marketers continual and unrivaled access to a community of thought leaders and peers across a panorama of brands, categories and growth stages," said Pat LaCroix, Head of Global Brand & Marketing Activation at Bose. "BI provides rich up close exposure to leaders and role models across many different functions, while consistently delivering helpful insights I can positively apply to my role.”

As we continue to stay home into the fall and likely next year, we will continue to bring you great content featuring our incredible community. In the meantime, please join us in celebrating our 100th Livecast C-Suite & Marketing Leadership featuring: Alicia Tillman, CMO of SAP; Esperanza Teasdale, VP & General Manager, PepsiCo; Zena Arnold, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, Kimberly Clark; Bruno Cardinali, Chief Marketing, North America, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; and Todd Kaplan, VP Marketing Pepsi, PepsiCo. 

On Wednesday, we will host “The Future of Work,” featuring: Aruna Ravichandran, CMO, Cisco Webex; Jamie Hodari, CEO, Industrious; Jennifer Kolstad, Global Design Director, Ford Motor Company; Amy Bixler, Global Brand Design Leader, Gensler; and Laurel Rossi, Founder, Creative Spirit. 

On Thursday, we will host “Women in Marketing,” featuring: Bryna Corcoran, Director, Social Media, Lyft; Erin Levzow, Vice President of Marketing Technology, Del Taco Restaurants; Jayne Peressini, Senior Director, Mobile Marketing and Growth, Electronic Arts (EA); Kara Richmond, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Tailored Brands, Inc.; Linda Bethea, Head of Marketing, Danone; and Sylvia Toense, Head of Global Brand Marketing, T. Rowe Price.

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