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Barilla curates playlist for eating pasta

  • Pasta brand Barilla is launching a new digital campaign with the composer from HBO’s The White Lotus
  • Emmy Award winning Cristobal Tapia de Veer has worked with and Nobel Prize winning, experimental psychologist Charles Spence, M.A., Ph.D. to create a sensory soundtrack  to play while eating Barilla’s line of Al Bronzo pasta. 
  • Edelman is the creative agency on the effort.

The experimental psychologist Charles Spence wrote a paper that outlines how the different textures, shapes, and flavors of each pasta cut from the Al Bronzo line – Bucatini, Mezzi Rigatoni, Spaghetti, Penne Rigate, Fusilli and Linguine– has its own tone, tempo, harmonic, pitch and emotion.  

Barilla’s new campaign taps into Spence’s “sonic seasoning” theory, that food combined with the right music can enhance the pasta-eating experience. 

Playing on this sensory experience, the campaign ties the pleasures of eating with another sense: sound. The idea is to listen to this composition while eating the Barilla pasta to open the sensory pleasures in the mind on multiple levels. 

The brand is also running the Barilla Al Bronzo Soundtrack Giveaway with prizes including a limited-edition vinyl record, recipe cards and tasting instructions.