Avocados from Mexico Returns to Super Bowl With Anna Faris

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Avocados From Mexico has tapped actress Anna Faris to play Eve in a reimagined Garden of Eden story involving avocados.

Avocados From Mexico has tapped actress Anna Faris to play Eve in a reimagined Garden of Eden story involving avocados. The brand's :30 second spot will air during the second quarter Sunday’s game.

“Last year’s spot tested very well, but understanding was a little bit low,” said Ivonne Kinser, vice president of marketing & innovation at Avocados from Mexico. “The goal for this year was to make it stronger and clearer so we could have stronger message recall. Avocados from Mexico makes everything better, and what a better way to bring that message to life than this epic spot. We are not talking about a burrito, a taco or anything else. We are talking about a fantasy world where avocados make the world better.”

The story puts a modern spin on the Garden of Eden tale. After eating the forbidden fruit, Eve saves the day by grabbing a magical avocado to save Adam and herself from being cast out. The ad then flashes forward to New York City, in which Manhattan is an avocado paradise known as, "The Big Avocado,” and residents blissfully remain in their nakedness in this giant garden.

The spot was directed by Oscar nominated ad director Bryan Buckley, who is known as the “King of the Super Bowl.” “He is the best Super Bowl director of all time,” said Kinser. “He has dedicated his career to direct winning spots. This year he is only directing spots for the NFL and Avocado from Mexico. It is a big deal for us to share a director with the NFL.” 

In addition to the TV buy, the brand launched a new brand platform online and will be engaging consumers through its website. Additionally, the company is running an in-store shopper promotion featuring guacamole recipes from Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds. Shoppers can vote for their favorite by scanning the QR code found on in-store displays. Additionally, the brand has partnered with the Pantone Color Institute to introduce a brand color and the Avocado Glow Collection, a line of kitchen accessories for entertaining.

Avocados from Mexico has also created an audio brand identity from its jingle, one of the brand’s most recognized assets. Consumers can interact with the AFM Sonic DNA to create their own genre version based on their Spotify preferences be it jazz or pop.

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