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The social media phenomenon that has consumed the world over the past several years has transformed the way that brands communicate and interact with their consumers. This new ‘channel’ now represents the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry. Social media has also become a key driver of e-commerce, television, and games. Brand Innovators Social Media will provide brand marketers with best practices, case studies, and proof points, demonstrating how “best of breed” brands are leveraging social media.

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Brand Innovators Social Media and Emerging Technology is putting the media industry on review.

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Pearl Tam, Program Director, Brand Innovators

Event Chairperson:

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship


Opening Remarks

Sami Thessman, Chief Creative Officer, Wunderman NY


Unleashing the Power of Social Media

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date.For the first time ever, consumers have a voice and the ability to establish an open and meaningful dialogue with their favorite brands. This new relationship has created a powerful tool and opportunity for brand marketers to build rapport and engage with their consumers on a 1:1 basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Social has also provided brands with the a platform for turning their most loyal and avid fans into advocates and brand ambassadors; influential consumers who then leverage their social media channels and provide first hand references for their favorite brands. How are the most successful brands in America successfully using social media to get a meaningful market advantage over their competitors? What’s the next big thing in social? How can social keep you at the top of your game? Learn from the best.

Moderator: Mike Suozzi, Senior Director, Pixability

Ben Blakesley, Director, Global Social Media, Reebok
Greg Cannon, Vice President, Digital Engagement, The Madison Square Garden Company
Will Carafello, Senior Director, Social Media, New York Mets
George Faulkner, Social Brand Marketing, IBM


Keynote — Dr. Strangepost or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hate

For NFL teams, social media can be a no-holds-barred brawl of information, ideas, and passion… and an incredibly powerful way to engage fans. To fully harness the power of social media, these teams – and, indeed, all organizations with avid, passionate customers – must learn how to find the signal amidst the noise, negativity, and nonsense. Hear from Seth Rabinowitz, SVP of Marketing & Fan Engagement for the NFL’s New York Jets, as he describes how the Jets have learned to love social media, and where the Jets look to score points in this all-important contest for time, attention, and interest.

Seth Rabinowitz, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Fan Engagement, New York Jets


Fireside Chat

Seth Rabinowitz, Senior Vice President – Marketing & Fan Engagement, New York Jets

Q&A conducted by: Jeff Katz, General Manager, GumGum Sports, GumGum


Connecting with Content

As Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith recently stated, “Content may be king, but engagement is Queen.” Authentic, original content enables brands to build trust with their consumers. The holy grail of content marketing, however, is to make it so compelling and engaging that consumers not only engage, but share it vis-à-vis social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. — with their friends and families. How can you make meaningful emotional connections with content? What makes consumers want to share content? What are the secrets of winning with content? You heard it here first. Now tell a friend.

Moderator: David Honig, Vice President Strategy, Corporate Partnerships, Dynamic Signal

Aaron Clossey, Senior Manager, Brand Marketing, Vimeo
Roxanne Delare, Digital Marketing Manager, Shake Shack
Nick Dimichino, Content Manager, Social Media, Square
Ben Kealy, Global Social Media Strategist, Social Connections, The Coca-Cola Company


Networking Break


Keynote — 2020: Content Marketing: A Personalized Odyssey

Andries Petrus de Villiers, Vice President of Sales, Outbrain

We live in a personalized world. Here’s how you can engage consumers with content that resonates with them.


The New Age of Transparency and the Business Intelligence Tipping Point for Social Advertisers

Jason Beckerman, CEO, Unified


Navigating Social Media in the Age of Pay-to-Play

Marketers have known for some time that organic reach is increasingly limited on social media and that their brands have to pay up if they want to engage with their target audience. But is organic social reach really dead? Much of the upset has been fueled by Forrester research from October 2013, which began by saying that “Facebook is failing marketers” because it creates less business value than any other digital marketing opportunity. It came as no surprise then that this is the year Facebook transitioned to a pay-to-play model.

So, how can brands avoid being crowded out of social platforms as algorithms give more and more priority to paid content? It’s the experience and the content that count. Affinity, advocacy and action – these outcomes cannot be bought, rather they are interactions that are earned. Hear perspectives from the experts as they debate the fundamental marketing challenges presented by social media, whether they’re changing in the age of pay-to-play, and the role organic content still plays in the evolving social ecosystem.

Moderator: Jason Beckerman, CEO, Unified

Efrain Ayala, Senior Social Media & Mobile Manager, RB
Michele Fino, Chief Marketing Officer,
Kelly McDonnell, Global Director, Social Media & Digital Marketing at La Mer, The Estée Lauder Companies
L. Michelle Smith, Director, Public Relations, AT&T Global Marketing Organization



Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Director, Heineken


Fireside Chat

Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Director, Heineken

Q&A conducted by: John Taranto, Senior Sales Director, Innovid


Lunch hosted by Unified


Keynote — SOCIAL NATIVES: Why People Act The Way They Do Online

Emotionally unprepared for the fast pace and complexity of the modern world, human beings have turned to social media to restore a sense of community that’s been eroded over time. By unpicking many of the obsessive and irrational things people do online, and tracing these behaviors back to ancient history, Patrick Mulford presents a revolutionary new vision of the social ecosystem, with far reaching implications for consumer brands.

Patrick Mulford, Chief Creative Officer, theAudience


Fireside Chat

Andrew Eis, Senior Director, US Innovation, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Derek Mauk, Senior Innovation Brand Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Q&A conducted by: Ben Cockerell, Director of Global Marketing, Crimson Hexagon


Case Study

William Martino, Managing Director, Wunderman Health NY


Networking Break


Leveraging Consumer Generated Content and the Next Wave of Brand Experience

Social media is transforming how consumers interact with brands and express their “brand enthusiasm.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the proliferation of user generated content — including pictures and video — featuring consumers sharing their experiences with their favorite products and brands. How are brands capturing these images and encouraging consumers to continue to post? How are brands driving sales through this new channel? Do these types of consumer “endorsements represent the next wave of marketing in the digital era? Move over Spielberg and make room for the next generation of filmmakers!

Moderator: Jennifer Butte, Executive Director of Sales, Storyful

David Dominik, Digital Media Manager, New York Football Giants
Josh Karpf, Director, Social Marketing, DraftKings
Jeremie Moritz, Digital Director, Absolut Elyx, Pernod Ricard
Ryan Saghir, Director of Digital Marketing, Sabra Dipping Company


Keynote — Social Media: Where Culture Converges

Learn how a tech disruption nearly a decade ago turned social media into culture soup. You will take a walk down tech memory lane that will lead you directly onto the path that AT&T is forging as it is leverages culture to reach the hearts and minds of an increasingly more diverse population. Learn how the Fortune 10 is pioneering unique digital-and-social-first conversations that are keeping key segments and the masses engaged.

L. Michelle Smith, Director, Public Relations, AT&T Global Marketing Organization


Fireside Chat

L. Michelle Smith, Director, Public Relations, AT&T Global Marketing Organization

Q&A conducted by: Andrew Polsky, SVP, Head of US Sales, Adsmovil


Tapping The Social Data Gold Mine

The growing gold mine of new consumer data made accessible to marketers through an ever increasing array of social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Whisper, Vine — is supposed to be a treasure trove of insights to make marketers smarter and marketing more effective. But successfully making use of that data first means answering a lot of questions, like what data matters and what you want to do with it, and building new teams with the right skill sets, including data scientists, analysts, and engineers. This panel will explore the intersection of social + data and how top tier brands and marketers have tackled these challenges to gain new insights into their consumers to personalize messaging, measure the impact of social, and use a combination of paid and earned media to take their efforts to the next level.

Moderator: Alex Taub, Co-Founder, SocialRank

Miki Agrawal, CEO & Co-Founder, THINX
Kristin Fassler, Vice President, Director of Marketing, Penguin Random House
Cara Friedman, Head of Social Media, ClassPass


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