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The Internet has fundamentally and forever changed the relationship between brands and consumers. Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation will examine how brands are using digital media and advertising technology to engage with and build long term relationships with their consumers. Hear first-hand from your fellow brand marketers about how they are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, mobile platforms, advanced television technologies, marketing automation, and data and analytics, to identify, target and convert new customers and grow their marketshare. Qualified brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands may participate at Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation by submitting the following brief Registration form.

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Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation is putting the Fortune 500 on review

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Breakfast and Registration


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Annie Fei, Director of Content & Community, Brand Innovators

Opening Remarks: Kamal Bhandal, Sr. Director of Consumer Marketing, Americas, Align Technology


Driving Growth with Digital Transformation

Technology is a game-changer, reinventing how Fortune 500 brands engage with their customers, and stay out in front of their competitors. Learn first-hand how leading brands are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, marketing automation, and personalization, to build loyalty and long-term relationships with their customers.

Moderated by: Casey Saran, CEO, Spaceback

Stacey DePolo, Social Advocacy Manager, GoDaddy
Grant Marek, Editorial Director, Chubbies Shorts
Narasu Rebbapragada, Associate Director, Digital Marketing Capabilities and Innovation, The Clorox Company
Erayna Sargent, Sr. Marketing Manager Sales Channel, QBDT & Retail, Intuit


Fireside Chat

Kamal Bhandal, Sr. Director of Consumer Marketing, Americas, Align Technology

Moderated by: Lisa Tenenbown, Head of Sales, Northwest, Outbrain


It’s About Time: How Leading Marketers are Driving Growth

Karen Budell, Content Marketing, Platforms, Google


Join The Brand: Building Loyal Communities and The Need For Belonging

Jillian Flores, Director of Brand Planning, Moosylvania


Networking Break


Forging Consumer Connections in Today’s Digital Age

Today more than ever we’re seeing innovation and fast paced developments in emerging media and technologies. Each of these new media offer novel ways for brands to connect with and interact with audiences. These emerging technologies also make a habit of drastically altering the ways in which people shop, consumer media, and interact with each other and the world. Keeping up can be exhausting, even for the most savvy of digital marketers. From mobile games to virtual reality to messaging apps to ephemeral media, which trends are real and which are fads? Which provide opportunities for marketers to innovate and get closer to consumers? How can brands tap into these developments to gain deeper understandings of who their customers are and what they want?

Moderated by: Erica Rabb, Head of Sales, TrueAnthem

Jany Jacobsen, Head of Growth, Le Tote
Katie Daire, Marketing Lead, Caviar, Square
Juan Silvera, EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Rabobank N.A.
Devon West, former Director of Marketing, Social Media, Sephora



Cindy Murphy, Account Director, Pixability


The Future of Voice

We’ve all heard the stat, “by 2020, 50% of all searches will be conducted via voice”. Alexa and Siri are household names and help us make decisions, but how should brands think about them? What can we do to make sure we come back as THE answer to our consumers’ questions (also known as position zero). Join Orchid Bertelsen as she shares Nestlé’s approach to voice and emerging technologies.

Orchid Bertelsen, Digital Innovation Lead, Nestlé


Fireside Chat

Orchid Bertelsen, Digital Innovation Lead, Nestlé

Moderated by: Hana Zuckerman, Senior Sales Manager, Fullscreen Media




Fireside Chat

Alex Flagg, Digital Demand Generation Leader, Small Business Segment, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Moderated by: Erica Rabb, Head of Sales, TrueAnthem



Bruce J. Hershey II, VP of Marketing, Tailored Brands, LLC.


Fireside Chat

Bruce J. Hershey II, VP of Marketing, Tailored Brands, LLC.

Moderated by: Andrew Kramer, President, Kramer Media


Fireside Chat

Chris Brown, Chatbot Strategy Specialist, Columbia Sportswear

Moderated by: Feng Cheng, CEO, Linc


Fireside Chat

Shiv Singh, Founder and CEO, Savvy Matters

Moderated by: Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators


WTF is Social Media Amplification (SMA)?

Casey Saran, CEO, Spaceback


Networking Break


Women in Marketing Discussion

In this discussion, today’s women in marketing leadership will address the major trends, challenges, opportunities, and shifts in consumer behaviors that they are seeing in the market, with an outlook toward 2019 and beyond.

What’s keeping them up at night? What are they excited about? What new technologies and platforms offer novel opportunities to engage their customers in meaningful ways… and which are just shiny objects? How can marketing and technology leaders structure their teams and recruit highly coveted talent for a new era that demands an increasing array of skill sets?

Moderated by: Cindy Murphy, Account Director, Pixability

Alysse Esmail, Paid Media Manager, NVIDIA
Lorena Hathaway, Marketing Director, Demand Generation, Pitney Bowes
Alma Salazar, Director of Consumer Marketing, Teen, Invisalign
Brenda van Camp, Founder & CEO, SharpAlice


Fireside Chat

Amisha Ghandi, VP, Influencer Marketing, SAP Ariba


Its a wrap!






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