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What do young consumers want from brands? What does it take to build a vibrant 21st-Century brand? And how can marketing leaders leverage digital transformation to drive growth? Join Brand Innovators at the Four Seasons in Seattle as we deliver a program of speakers well-equipped to tackle these questions. Hear marketing leaders from big Seattle-based brands as they dish on the art and the science of marketing, the future of media and consumer engagement and how to fuel your content via paid media. We hope to see our Seattle-area friends on December 10.

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Brand Innovators at the Four Seasons Hotel

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Breakfast & Registration



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Annie Fei, Director of Content & Community, Brand Innovators

Host: Jason Adelman, VP, Strategy & Partnership Development, Brand Innovators Labs


Panel Discussion: Driving Growth with Digital Transformation

Technology is a game-changer, reinventing how Fortune 500 brands engage with their consumers, and stay out in front of their competitors. Learn first-hand how leading brands are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, marketing automation, and personalization, to build loyalty and long-term relationships with their consumers.

Lena Cohen, Senior Manager, T-Mobile for Business, T-Mobile
Robert Dietrich, Vice President, Global eCommerce, Pacific Market International
Lori Gatto, Vice President of Marketing, TomboyX
Jillian Scott, Senior Marketing Manager, Acquisition & Retention, Le Tote

Moderated by: Eugene Kilberg, Brand and Agency Partnerships, Taboola


Fireside Chat

Nathan Lump, VP, Head of Content, Retail, Expedia Group

Moderated by: Matt Pellitteri, Sales Manager, Intersection


Networking Break


Fireside Chat: Using accessibility principles to drive inclusive marketing

Anika Kaulius, Director, Acquisition Marketing – Commercial Products, Microsoft
Tracey Craft , Group Marketing Manager, Brand Content Studio, Cloud + Enterprise, Microsoft


Fireside Chat

Justin Stone, Director, Global Social Media, HTC & HTC VIVE

Moderated by: Jason Adelman, VP, Strategy & Partnership Development, Brand Innovators Labs




Fireside Chat

Andrew Ashton, Consumer Marketing Lead, Alexa Auto, Amazon

Moderated by: Jason Adelman, VP, Strategy & Partnership Development, Brand Innovators Labs


Panel Discussion: Amplification: Pouring the Gas on Content with Distribution Tactics and Paid Media

Marketers today know that content is king when it comes to engaging consumers and helping them get to know your brand. But content creation is only the first step. If consumers don’t see the content you create, it can be an investment lost. You want your content marketing efforts to lead to new customers or conversions. The queen to your content king is distribution. Distribution efforts not only amplify your content so consumers will see it but provide a means to measuring ROI. Like other forms of digital media, brand marketers are constantly looking for metrics to help justify their investment in content marketing. What is the ROI of content marketing vis-à-vis other media? How can you enhance the ability of your content marketing to deliver more tangible results? What are the best avenues of distribution and paid media to enhance your content marketing efforts? Leading brand marketers share their insights.

Divya Goel, Head of Marketing, Premier Lacrosse League
Victor Hernandez, Director of Digital Marketing, CRM & Social Media, Windstar Cruises
Tyler Young, Senior Marketing Manager, Global Social Media, Brooks Running

Moderated by: Josh Marshall, Head of Partnerships, West & SW, Minute Media


Fireside Chat: Fueling your brand objectives through micro communities

The mass-audience, shotgun-blast approach to marketing is important, but shouldn’t be the only tool in your arsenal to truly connect with your most loyal (and vocal) fans. Let’s talk about the rise of micro-communities & the ways top brands in social have authentically connected to various groups unified by their passion points.

Ryan Rimsnider, Brand Social, T-Mobile

Moderated by: Josh Marshall, Head of Partnerships, West & SW, Minute Media


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Four Seasons Hotel 99 Union St. Seattle, WA 98101





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