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We are headed to Yum! Brands in Dallas/Plano for a jam-packed day of conversations about the state of marketing in 2019. This event will give special attention to how brands can effectively market to future generations. Hear leaders from brands like AT&T, Pizza Hut, T-Mobile, KFC and Frito-Lay/PepsiCo talk about video strategy, mass media vs. niche marketing, the future of media and how to put data at the heart of everything your brand does. Join us!

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Breakfast & Registration hosted by Yum! Brands


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Pearl Tam, Senior Director of Content & Community, Brand Innovators

Host: Stephen Strauss, Executive Director, Brand Innovators Labs


Keynote: Data Driven Marketing (Decisions)

People have to make a lot of decisions every day. Using data can help improve the quality of those decisions. Step through a playbook that Heath has found success with helping organizations effectively use data.

Heath Hammett, Vice President of Consumer Acquisition and Analytics, Pizza Hut


Fireside Chat

Heath Hammett, Vice President of Consumer Acquisition and Analytics, Pizza Hut

Moderated by: Brian Garrigan, Head of Sales – Central US, Simpli.fi


Data Driven Marketing & Media: Planning, Measurement, & Attribution

Data has become one of the industry’s biggest buzzwords, but understanding how to properly leverage data in a meaningful and effective way is no easy task, still in its infancy, this trend sees brands with access to a barrage of data, but what data is important, and how can marketers best use it to inform marketing efforts and measure their effectiveness?

Moderated by: Jarred DiFazio, Sales Manager, Taboola

Salomon Dayan, Sr. Manager Digital Marketing and Social Media, T-Mobile
Emily Edwards, Director of Growth, Neighborhood Goods


From Interruption to Inspiration: Why Ads Stand Out When They Fit In

The best ads do more than help customers decide what to buy. They help customers decide who to be. As our industry focuses on intent and the bottom of the funnel, we’re forgetting about the magic of deciding. Inspired ads can help people turn their dreams into decisions. Join Pinterest to learn how the most effective ads don’t interrupt—they inspire.

Brian O’Neill, Partnerships Manager, Restaurants and QSR, Pinterest


Networking Break


Fireside Chat

Stephanie Swingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Mizzen+Main

Moderated by: Gwendolyn Gayner, Account Executive, Braze


Success Story

Katie Ceclan, Senior Director of Marketing, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo


Fireside Chat

Katie Ceclan, Senior Director of Marketing, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo

Moderated by: Kerri Smith, Director, Retail & Restaurants, GroundTruth


Success Story

Sarah Kindland, Partner Development Manager, Chevron

Moderated by: Babak Farrokh-Siar, Vice President, Head of National Business Development, Acorns


Fireside Chat

Michelle Froah, SVP Global Marketing Strategy & Sciences, MetLife

Moderated by: Margee Anderson, RVP, Midwest Sales, DoubleVerify




Mass Media vs Personalization: Striking The Right Balance

From traditional linear TV to individual influencers, to niche social networks, there is no shortage of viable media outlets to serve as your brand’s platform in the constant battle to connect with consumers, some with vast audiences and wide reach, others with small, highly curated users. What it often comes down is Awareness vs Relevance, understanding which platform will achieve which objective, and striking the right balance between the two. This session will dive into the oft-conflicting goals of generating wide scale Brand Awareness with personalization and building one-on-one consumer relationships. What are the media and digital tool sets needed to make the most out of your budget? What are the data strategies that will ensure you’re taking the right approach and messaging to the appropriate platforms with the customers you actually want to target? And how close are we to achieving the ever-elusive holy grail of “personalization at scale?”

Moderated by: Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO, GSTV

James Clarke, Sr. Director Portfolio Media, Analytics & CRM, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo
Dedra DeLilli, Group Manager, Olympic/Paralympic Marketing, Toyota
Shaun Nichols, Chief Growth Officer, Scout & Cellar
Ashley Sheetz, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer, At Home


Pepsi + Frito-Lay launch PepCoin

Snacks and beverages are always better together, especially when they are from Pepsi and Frito-Lay who through their new cross-portfolio loyalty program PepCoin, are rewarding customers for their purchases. Learn about how PepsiCo is gathering first-party data to build a direct relationship with their customers, personalize experiences and foster real brand loyalty.

Matt Carinio, VP of Strategy, Hathway
Fauzia Haq, Senior Director Of Marketing, Immediate Consumption Portfolio, PepsiCo



Andrew Rosen, SVP, Enterprise Sales, Nativo


Client Success Story

Danielle Burns, Project Lead, Digital Pizza Hut
Michael Crump, Senior Manager, CRM/Digital Marketing, Pizza Hut

Moderated by: Mitch Schneider , Account Executive, Braze


Networking Break


The Future of TV and Digital Video

Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the television industry. From connected TV to multi-channel networks, the lines are blurring between traditional television and content delivered online. As the digital video landscape matures, the linear TV platform is evolving in lockstep, adopting new data and targeting vehicles, with addressable television advertising becoming more prevalent, and programmatic TV on the horizon. Television is still the most powerful and effective form of media and advertising ever created. So, rather than running away from it, how can brands embrace and benefit from the evolution of television? Where should they be investing in video? Stay tuned; and get ready for the golden age of television, all over again, albeit in the digital age.

Moderated by: Dave Antonelli, Director, Ad Strategy and Revenue, Sling TV

Rodrigo Vallejo, Chief Executive Officer, Ro2 Media
Abhi Vyas, Marketing, Digital Personalization, Analytics, Verizon Wireless
Lindsey Wasson, Director, Integrated Marketing, At Home



Ryan Detert, CEO, Influential


Success Story

Johnny Gibson, Director, Search Engine Marketing, Hilton


Fireside Chat

Georgeanne Erickson, Director of Brand Marketing, Pizza Hut

Moderated by: Monique Pintarelli, Vice President, West, Teads


Fireside Chat

Shannon Gross, Director of Content Strategy, Dallas Cowboys

Moderated by: Rebecca Cardona, Sales Director, TripleLift


It’s a Wrap!






Yum! Brands Headquarters 7100 Corporate Dr Plano, TX 75024





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