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The Internet has fundamentally and forever changed the relationship between brands and consumers. Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation will examine how brands are using digital media and advertising technology to engage with and build long term relationships with their consumers. Hear first-hand from your fellow brand marketers about how they are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, mobile platforms, advanced television technologies, marketing automation, and data and analytics, to identify, target and convert new customers and grow their marketshare.

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Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation is putting the Fortune 500 on review.

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Breakfast & Registration hosted by Best Buy


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Melissa McKinley, Vice President Community Operations, Brand Innovators

Event Chair: Molly Kinsella, Vice President Marketing Creative Services, Best Buy

Host: Michael Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager, Regis Corporation


The State of Influencer Marketing

Americans spend 1.7 hours per day on social networks, which is more time than email and search engines combined. As a result, we’ve become a society whose purchase behavior is heavily influenced by those we choose to connect with online. We’re also a society suffering from ad fatigue, fraud, and blockers. When people get overwhelmed, they tend to revert back to the things they trust, like human relationships. In the context of marketing, this gives influencer marketing a major advantage over other digital advertising methods. From the best practices of leading brands to FTC guidelines, learn the current state of influencer marketing, the steps required for success, and the power of content people trust.

Moderated by: Chris Bower, Vice President, Brand Partnerships, Fullscreen, a WarnerMedia Co.

Angela Chambliss, Director Experiential and Influencer Marketing, Best Buy
Sarah Grap, Public Relations Director, Mall of America
Pamela Stephens, Media Partnerships & Influencer Marketing, 3M
Cydney Strommen, Director, Marketing Communications, Aveda, North America



Molly Kinsella, Vice President Marketing Creative Services, Best Buy


Fireside Chat

Molly Kinsella, Vice President Marketing Creative Services, Best Buy
Jennie Weber, Vice President, Customer Experience, Best Buy

Moderated by: Jim D’Antoni, Director of National Media Sales, DISH


OTT goes mainstream: A deep-dive into the preferences of the streaming generation

OTT has grown to make up a significant portion of all consumer time spent with media, and advertisers and content creators alike are now navigating uncertain and unchartered waters to better understand the sea change underway in how video content is consumed.

With no sign of OTT usage slowing down, OpenX teamed with the global consumer polling firm The Harris Poll to undertake the most comprehensive assessment of the OTT consumer completed to date. In this presentation, Caley Lewis, Director of Buyer Development at OpenX, shares insights and key learnings from “The 2019 OTT Consumer Report.”

Caley Lewis, Director of Buyer Development, OpenX


Networking Break


Customer Experience 2020: Omni-Channel Retailing

Consumers now expect a seamless experience as they engage more actively with retailers in-store, online and on the go. From inventory availability to loyalty programs and synchronized support, both in-store and across devices, retail brands are in a unique position to build meaningful customer affinity on the path to purchase and beyond. Savvy retailers understand these changing dynamics and the power their physical locations have to drive e-commerce growth and how discovery online can increase traffic back to their stores. After taking stock of the latest omni-channel retailing trends and loyalty program strategies, we’ll challenge our panelists for predictions about what customer experience, brand engagement and loyalty may look like for retailers in the not-so-distant future.

Event Chair: Nick Cheetany, Vice President of Sales, Central Region & Canada, AdTheorent

Susan Fletcher, Director of Loyalty & Membership, Best Buy
Elizabeth Hankey, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Regis Corporation
Susan Mainquist, Sr. Marketing Manager – Shopper & Ecommerce, Schwan Food Company


From Content to Conversion: Measuring Your Return on Content (ROC)

Content Marketing has exploded and is now a key piece of every brand marketers media mix, but does it actually work? Producing and distributing compelling content is challenging, time consuming and expensive and the C-Suite is now demanding that content marketing teams understand performance, attribution/conversion metrics and are able to calculate their Return on Content. Join ContentQ’s SVP, Central Sales for a discussion on measuring content to conversion, unifying content and revenue teams and using data (instead of guesswork) to justify content marketing budgets.

Michelle O’Donnell, SVP, Central Sales, Nativo


Keynote – The (Creative) Brief – Setting the Stage for Business Success

Very few ingredients in business offer such transformative power. Done right, a (creative) brief ignites world-changing marketing and advertising. And yet, how many truly great briefs can you recall? Tim Brunelle is a curious student of the history, evolution and keys to successful briefing. At Brand Innovators, he’ll discuss how this unique crux can serve to clarify and unite purpose, improve brand and product marketing, and empower greater ideas across a diversity of modern advertising.

Tim Brunelle, Director of Content & Production, Land O’Lakes


Fireside Chat

Tim Brunelle, Director of Content & Production, Land O’Lakes

Moderated by: Wade Baxter, Director of Sales, Tremor Video DSP


Digital to Dealers

A showcase of how digital channels have fueled the brand’s sales through retail as the company expands and diversifies its product lines in the US

Nick Eber, Vice President, imre
Brian Simmons, SVP, Client Relations, imre


Lunch hosted by Best Buy


Fireside Chat – Sticking With It: 3M’s Approach to Customer Centricity

Jeff Stender, Global Digital Transformation Leader, 3M

Moderated by: Zach Kubin, Vice President of Sales, Parsec Media


Life at the Intersection of Content and Commerce

The intersection of digital content and commerce is reshaping the marketing industry globally. Until recently, content and commerce existed in separate silos, creating disjointed customer experiences. The swift increase of mobile technology, along with the implementation of user-generated content into creative marketing campaigns has changed the game completely. Today, leading brands from a variety of industries are using compelling content to drive commerce online and people into stores. They are creating seamless, relevant experiences that not only inspire consumers, but also delight them enough to take action.

Moderated by: Jonathan Lustig, SVP of Sales, TripleLift

Erin Gulden, Vice President Inbound Marketing, U.S. Bank
Jenell Lammers, Content & Social Media Marketing Manager, Dairy Queen
Erik Olson, Director, Content Strategy, Digital, Regis Corporation
Nate Sandell, Senior Manager of Social Media, Mall of America



Troy Janisch, Vice President/Director Social Intelligence, U.S. Bank


Fireside Chat

Troy Janisch, Vice President/Director Social Intelligence, U.S. Bank

Moderated by: Beth Devillez, Director, Midwest Sales, News Corp


Networking Break


The Secret to Connecting your Brand with Millennials and Gen Z

Let’s face it; these connected generations are not on their parents’ social media sites. In fact, many do not use traditional social media at all, opting instead for apps like SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They are on Reddit and Xbox and stream everything. They are extremely selective about how they get their information and peer-to-peer recommendations are the main vehicle for prompting them into action. They want to save the world, own it or create their own. Case studies and insights will lead this tactical guide to targeting Millennials and Gen Z and provide you with a roadmap for reaching this important demographic through discussions about authenticity, transparency, content, purpose, utility, and relevance.

Moderated by: Bob Gruters, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Trends

Chris Denny, Founder, President, The Engine is Red
Monisha Dunn, Director Category Marketing, Best Buy
Christina Milanowski, Social Media Manager, Regis Corporation


Fireside Chat

Darla Tufto, Vice President, Marketing, UnitedHealthcare

Moderated by: Jeffrey Mikitka, Head of Sales, Central, Spotify


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