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The Internet has fundamentally and forever changed the relationship between brands and consumers. Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation will examine how brands are using digital media and advertising technology to engage with and build long term relationships with their consumers. Hear first-hand from your fellow brand marketers about how they are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, mobile platforms, advanced television technologies, marketing automation, and data and analytics, to identify, target and convert new customers and grow their marketshare.

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Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation is putting the Fortune 500 on review.

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Breakfast and Registration


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Pearl Tam, Senior Director of Content & Community, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship

Event Chair: Lindsay Sutton, AVP, Digital Strategy Lead, John Hancock Financial Services



Barbara Goose, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock


Fireside Chat

Barbara Goose, Chief Marketing Officer, John Hancock

Moderated by: Scott Hendrickson, SVP, Sales, News Corp | News IQ


What’s Next in Digital

Looking ahead to 2019 and beyond, this discussion will explore how the marketing and media industries will evolve as digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. Social media is changing how brands build 1:1 relationships with their consumers; mobile is becoming the platform of choice for consuming media, entertainment, and for commerce; brands are publishing more original content than ever; and digital video continues to challenge television.

Lean in and learn how today’s foremost brand marketers are using new technologies and embracing new platforms like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Snapchat, Facebook Live Video, and new digital and data tools (while also refining tried-and-true tools) to reach consumers.

Moderated by: John Riley, VP of Sales, US, MinuteMedia

Patrick Cassidy, Global Director, Consumer Marketing, New Balance
Leslie Dell’Anno, Director of Digital Marketing Strategy, John Hancock
Gretchen Hoffman, Demand Generation Leader, Mainframe, CA Technologies
Pat LaCroix, Head of Global Media, Sponsorship and Activation, Bose
Ann Unger, Senior Team Head, Digital Marketing, PUMA


We Should Expect More from Influencer Marketing in 2018

Influencer marketing has been a ‘thing’ for more than a decade but most programs haven’t advanced as quickly as the rest of digital marketing. In this talk, Jim Tobin takes a critical look at many influencer marketing programs and outlines tangible steps brands can take to make their programs work harder to drive real business results.

Jim Tobin, President, Carusele


Networking Break


Fireside Chat

Robin Ruttle, Digital and Loyalty Marketing, Stop & Shop

Moderated by: James Lunt, Sales Lead, New England & Mid-Atlantic, GroundTruth


Web 3.0: Video Trends in Marketing

Shaukat Shamim, Founder & CEO, Youplus


Women in Marketing Discussion

In this discussion, today’s women in marketing leadership will address the major trends, challenges, opportunities, and shifts in consumer behaviors that they are seeing in the market, with an outlook toward 2019 and beyond.

What’s keeping them up at night? What are they excited about? What new technologies and platforms offer novel opportunities to engage their customers in meaningful ways… and which are just shiny objects? How can marketing and technology leaders structure their teams and recruit highly coveted talent for a new era that demands an increasing array of skill sets?

Moderated by: Suzanne Spence, President North America, MOFILM

Maya Gumennik, Senior Director, Marketing, Smarter Travel, TripAdvisor
Stacey Santo, EVP/GM Digital Strategy and Consumer Engagement, ASICS
Kara Walker, Vice President, Marketing & Content Strategy, Boston Celtics
Kate Westervelt, Founder & CEO, MOMBOX




The Future of Media and Consumer Engagement

Digital media and the Internet have rapidly transformed the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From connected TV to mobile devices to wearables, media and entertainment is everywhere. Consumers today not only expect, but demand content anywhere, anytime, across every screen, device, and media platform that they encounter throughout the day. As a result, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with consumers. How is the digital transformation of the marketing and media media industries impacting brand marketing? How can brand marketers take advantage of this paradigm shift and use technology to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers? What’s the next big thing that will disrupt the marketing and media industries? You heard it here first.

Moderated by: Peter Szabo, CRO, Head of Partnerships, Mammoth Media

Randi Alterman, Digital Marketing Strategist, GE Digital
Marissa Curcuru, Manager, Global Media, Bose
Mallory Levine, Senior Manager, Media & Digital Strategy, John Hancock
Molly Steinkrauss, Director of Brand Marketing and Communications, SmarterTravel, TripAdvisor


Fireside Chat

Dan Mazei, Senior Director, Global Newsroom, Reebok

Moderated by: Jess Thorpe, President & Co-Founder,


What’s Your Return-On-Content?

New tools are necessary to help brand marketers better organize the content they have at their disposal, and understand the impact and influence it has on the metrics that matter. Nativo will demo ContentQ, which has been purpose built to help solve for these key challenges.

Andrew Rosen, Vice President, Sales & Agency Development, Nativo


Networking Break


The Future of Shopping: Retail and eCommerce

It’s not just that shopping habits have evolved so much over the last few years, but that they continue to do so, drastically, ceaselessly, and at a relentless pace. The retail and ecommerce landscape is consequently wrought with both challenge and opportunities, as brands explore new ways to drive consumers in-store, and look to new partners and emerging technologies to bring their wares to the customer, wherever they may be. From inventory availability to loyalty programs and synchronized support, both in-store and across devices, retail brands are in a unique position to capitalize on these changing dynamics to build meaningful customer affinity on the path to purchase and beyond. After taking stock of the latest omni-channel retailing trends and loyalty program strategies, we’ll challenge our panelists for predictions about what customer experience, ecommerce, and loyalty may look like for retailers in the not-so-distant future.

Moderated by: Heather Macaulay, Head of Brand Solutions, Publishers Clearing House

Tanya Cavanaugh, Director, Brand Marketing, BJ’s Wholesale Club
Scott Savitt, Senior Partner, Director of Digital, Connelly Partners
Marc Walkin, Director of Brand Strategy, Stop & Shop


Fireside Chat – The Future of Video Content For The Connected Consumer

Devin Burgoon, Sr. Global Brand Marketing Manager, Reebok

Moderated by: Jess Thorpe, President & Co-Founder,


Why Would a Brand Pay to Make Ads Go Away?

On Friday, October 26th, Rockstar Games took over Imgur’s ads but opted to only run one placement per user, minimizing advertising content on our site for the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2. Learn about how the partnership drove value for both the brand and the community and helped Red Dead Redemption 2 become the most successful entertainment release ever!

Mike Peroutka, East Coast Partnerships, Imgur


Keynote – Think and Act Like A Challenger Brand: Five Key Lessons

In today’s incredibly competitive and ever-changing marketplace, brands both large and small need to think and act like challenger brands. Learn how your organization can reshape to think and act like a challenger as Barb Reilly, COO and CMO of Taza Chocolate, shares 5 Key Lessons learned from brands that have lived the David vs Goliath story. See how Taza Chocolate, a small local chocolate company, based in Somerville, MA, is shaping their organization by transforming both inside and outside to effectively compete against big brands with deeper wallets.

Barb Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Taza Chocolate


Women in Marketing Roundtable

Morgan Ferrarotti, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing, MassMutual
Blair Hammond, Director, Brand Communications, Reebok
Barb Reilly, Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Taza Chocolate
Kim Stokes, Head of Digital and Media, The Boston Beer Company

Moderated by: Theo Berenson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Parsec Media


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