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Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From watching connected TV at home to accessing their mobile devices and tablets on the fly, media and entertainment is all of a sudden ubiquitous, available to consumers everywhere, on every screen, on every device, on demand all day long. While technology has liberated people of all ages, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with their consumers, let alone stay one step ahead of them. Nevertheless, leading brand marketers are embracing new media formats and advertising technology — including social media, mobile, content marketing, and digital video advertising — to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers. In addition, breakthroughs in data and analytics are enabling brands to reach their consumers more effectively and efficiently, with more personalized messages than ever.

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Breakfast and Registration


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Pearl Tam, Senior Director of Content & Community, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship

Event Co-Chair: Bethany Evans, Senior Marketing Manager, Paid Media, Southwest Airlines

Event Co-Chair: Ginny Hundley, Senior Media Strategist, Marketing, Southwest Airlines



Corri Reichert, Director of Media and Performance, Southwest Airlines


Fireside Chat

Corri Reichert, Director of Media and Performance, Southwest Airlines

Moderated by: Andrew Kasprzycki, VP, Chief Evangelist, Brands, LiveRamp


The Future of Media and Consumer Engagement

Digital media and the Internet have rapidly transformed the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From connected TV to mobile devices to wearables, media and entertainment is everywhere. Consumers today not only expect, but demand content anywhere, anytime, across every screen, device, and media platform that they encounter throughout the day. As a result, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with consumers. How is the digital transformation of the marketing and media media industries impacting brand marketing? How can brand marketers take advantage of this paradigm shift and use technology to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers? What’s the next big thing that will disrupt the marketing and media industries? You heard it here first.

Moderated by: Heather Costello, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions, CrowdTwist

Stacy Lynn Bourgeois, Director of Consumer Acquisition, Yum! Brands
Sindhura Polasanapalli, Sr. Director, Innovation, Dean Foods
John Starkweather, Associate Vice President Marketing, AT&T
Brooks Thomas, Social Business Sr. Advisor, Southwest Airlines


Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3: Not all lift tests are created equal

As digital marketers, we’re constantly seeking new ways to demonstrate the impact of our efforts. As such, testing, optimization, and measurement have now become integral components of our day-to-day work to help us tie our contribution to key business metrics.

Join AdRoll’s Product Manager and Incrementality Specialist, Kendra Wilkins, as she showcases how to assess the accuracy and reliability of different types of lift testing. You’ll leave inspired with actionable tips on how to best prepare, and measure, your digital advertising efforts for 2019 and beyond.

Kendra Wilkins, Product Manager and Incrementality Specialist, AdRoll


Success Story: Spotify and New Amsterdam Vodka

A discussion around the success of New Amsterdam Vodka’s branded podcast Ebb & Flow in collaboration with Spotify. We will speak about the power new of media opportunities like podcasts, and how NAV ultimately decided to explore uncharted territory developing this series.

Hillary Greene, Director of Sales, Central, Spotify
Heidi Bailey, Group Media Director, The Integer Group


Networking Break


What Will Drive Advertising in the Next Five Years?

A discussion of four compelling forces that will shape company fortunes and the way marketers work in the years to come.

Matt Mitchell, SVP of Sales, Simulmedia


Future of TV & Digital Video Business

Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the television industry. From connected TV to multi-channel networks, the lines are blurring between traditional television and content delivered online. Once more, mobile devices and tablets are changing when and where we consume media and entertainment. Also, addressable television advertising will soon be the norm. Regardless, however, of what screen, device, platform, or format that television is consumed on, one thing remains the same; everyone loves a good story and based on the quality of television programming today, content still reigns king. It’s a fact: Television is still the most powerful and effective form of media and advertising ever created. So, rather than running away from it, how can brands embrace and benefit from the evolution of television? Where should they be investing? And, what’s the next big thing that is going to happen to television? Stay tuned; and get ready for the golden age of of television, all over again, albeit in the digital age.

Moderated by: Matt Mitchell, SVP of Sales, Simulmedia

Ginny Hundley, Senior Media Strategist, Marketing, Southwest Airlines
Alvaro Salinas Jr, Segment Marketing Manager, Metro by T-Mobile


DATA IS THE NEW MEDIA: How Better Data Drives Better Outcomes

With media channels getting more and more fragmented and interactions happening in real time, it’s a struggle for brands to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences. In fact, only 7% of brands are able to deliver real-time experiences.

This session will cover how data-driven strategies are being using by today’s brands to radically increase customer satisfaction, personalize experiences, and ultimately, drive better business outcomes. We will introduce you to the emerging Customer Data Platform market and how marketers are using CDPs to power rich customer experiences. Learn how to bring data and analytics together (without heavy investments in time and resources) in order to develop a comprehensive customer view and drive omnichannel campaign journeys across channels. Plus, learn how brands are using advancements in mobile capabilities and technologies to identify actual consumers by their mobile devices including who they are, where they are, and what they are in-market to purchase. Marketers today have the tools, data and technology to completely transform the customer experience – now it’s just a matter of putting these solutions in place to drive great outcomes.

Anders Ekman, President, V12 Data





Jencey Keeton, Founder, Sweet Tooth Hotel


Success Story

Brands are looking to target the right TV audiences and drive TV tune-in experiences for viewers who have been exposed to program-specific social media engagements. Samba TV and Twitter discuss collaborating on growing and measuring viewership of tentpole events to ensure that the right tune-in message gets in front of the right audience at the right time.

Cody Gossett,, Regional Vice President, Client Partnerships, Samba TV
Omar Ajmeri, Research Analyst, Twitter


The Marketing AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being deployed throughout enterprises to solve longstanding challenges, and create new opportunities for innovation. This session will demystify AI terminology and explore how marketing teams can think about deploying AI to solve the challenges presented by a digital media landscape characterized by rapid evolution, lack of transparency and data overload. We’ll also explore how teams are now working alongside an autonomous AI that enables realtime decision making and execution of cross-channel digital campaigns. The AI revolution promises to empower marketers to make the most of their existing technology investments.

Mark Kirschner, CMO,


What’s Next in Digital: Social, Mobile and Emerging Media

Looking out at 2019 and beyond, this discussion will explore how the marketing and media industries will evolve as digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. At once, social media is changing how brand build 1:1 relationships with their consumers; mobile is becoming the platform of choice for consuming media, entertainment, and for commerce; brands are publishing more original content than ever; and digital video continues to challenge television.

Lean in and learn how today’s foremost brand marketers are using new technologies and embracing new platforms like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Snapchat, Facebook Live Video, and new digital and data tools to reach consumers.

Moderated by: Marika Roque, EVP Media & Technology, KERV

Amanda Brown, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, TGI Fridays
Jhay Davis, Enterprise Technology Manager – Customer Acquisition, State Farm
Randall Hall, Lead Manager, Digital Strategy, AT&T
Andrew Milner, Digital Marketing Manager, Chili’s


How Brands Should Think About OTT Today

Ashley Murdter, Senior Account Director, Pixability


Tuning In On the Consumer: Channeling the Right Marketing Mix

Starting in the 1960’s, companies could sell a massive amount of product by reaching large audiences through a limited number of channels. In today’s world of abundance, the fragmentation of choice creates nearly limitless combinations of where consumers spend their time – and makes marketing exponentially more difficult. Join Gimbal’s CMO/COO, Matt Russo, on an exploration of the complexities of today’s media landscape, how consumer mindsets have shifted, and how digital technologies impact the future of television – and marketing – as we know it.

Matthew Russo, CMO, Gimbal


Networking Break


TIME: The New Currency for Digital Advertising

What are we really paying for with our advertising budgets, if not for a brief moment of consumer’s time? Achieving that is becoming increasingly difficult given media fragmentation, chord-cutting, ad-load, screen-clutter, ad-format proliferation, viewability, fraud, and others. To get a clear handle on the issues impacting consumer attention and its impact on ad effectiveness, we decided to go straight to the source, the advertisers themselves.

In this session, we will present findings from a recent research study conducted with Brand Innovators of over 200 US brand marketers on the topic of consumer attention in digital video advertising. Find out if you are one of the lucky 7% of the advertisers who gets a disproportionate share of consumer attention from advertising.

Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds


The Future of Video Content For The Connected Consumer

What kind of content do younger consumer want? Where do they want it? In what format? Depending on who you ask, the answer could range from short-form, easily-shared, video on mobile devices to long-form, binge-able documentaries on OTT streaming services, and everything in between. Publishers, brands, entertainment companies, and celebrities, have been trying to figure this out, and the result is a Wild West of video content experiments on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, YouTube, OTTServices, and owned platforms, and the birth of new entities, like Cheddar, designed from the ground up to cater to the needs and behaviors of younger audiences and their incredibly nuanced consumption habits.

Hear from a panel of leading brand marketers and industry experts about what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to creating video for the new consumer, where it should live, and how to build audience in this new era of video and entertainment.

Moderated by: Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds

Kelsey Carroll, Global Brand Content Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Erin McElroy, Director, Digital & Event Innovation, IBM
John Stancliffe, Lead Online Marketing Manager – Video & YouTube, ‎AT&T
Abhi Vyas, Marketing, Digital Personalization, Analytics, Verizon Wireless


It’s a Generational Thing

Join us as we share the insights gathered into the similarities and differences of reward program preferences across generations.

Kevin Rice, CMO, Hathway


It’s a wrap!


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