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Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From watching connected TV at home to accessing their mobile devices and tablets on the fly, media and entertainment is all of a sudden ubiquitous, available to consumers everywhere, on every screen, on every device, on demand all day long. While technology has liberated people of all ages, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with their consumers, let alone stay one step ahead of them. . Nevertheless, leading brand marketers are embracing new media formats and advertising technology — including social media, mobile, content marketing, and digital video advertising — to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers. In addition, breakthroughs in data and analytics are enabling brands to reach their consumers more effectively and efficiently, with more personalized messages than ever.

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Breakfast and Registration


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Event Co-Chair: Rebecca Silver, VP, Brand Strategy, BuzzFeed

Event Co-Chair: Laura Henderson, SVP Marketing, BuzzFeed


Moving at the Speed of Social

What do exploding watermelons, a lipgloss fidget spinner, and $1,000 cake have in common? They’re all part of how BuzzFeed uses digital advantages to get closer to the consumer and build massive global brands. Join BuzzFeed’s SVP of Marketing, Laura Henderson, as she shares the secrets to building some of the world’s most dynamic brands like Tasty, Nifty and As/Is at record speed. After spending nearly a decade at Mondelez she joined BuzzFeed at a time when brand building on the internet has become vital to the success of all brands, and today she can share how non-digital brands can use digital advantages to grow their own brands.

Laura Henderson, SVP Marketing, BuzzFeed


Fireside Chat

Hear from Andrew Eis, Head of Marketing for Hiball, on how he’s energizing Anheuser-Busch with entrepreneurial swagger.

Andrew Eis, Head of Marketing, Hiball, Anheuser Busch InBev

Moderated by: John Riley, VP of Sales, US, MinuteMedia


Success Story – The 3 Little Words That Can Help You Master Multichannel Creative

If you feel overwhelmed by the demands from your organization to produce more, more, more content—and across all the platforms and channels and the latest social networks and for every audience and segment imaginable—take a breath. You’re about to learn the content equivalent of meditation. In this presentation, you’ll hear about the super simple content marketing framework used at Monster that allows the brand to do more with less, across paid, owned, and earned channels. For Monster, this strategy has delivered meaningful content for the audience while delivering real results for the business—and hopefully it will do the same for you.

Margaret Magnarelli, VP of Marketing, Monster.com


Fireside Chat

Margaret Magnarelli, VP of Marketing, Monster.com

Moderated by: Moderated by: Paul Kontonis, CMO, WHOSAY


Networking Break


Keynote — Spreading Social Love: The Power of Opportunistic Storytelling

A dental floss cake for the brother of the bride. A Syrian refugee with a second chance. The five-year-old who wanted to change the world. In an era of constant noise, expanding markets and multi-channel strategies, we’ll take a closer look at the low-hanging social opportunities many brands are overlooking, the power of “whisper” stories, and the powerful content that can result. Carrie Sloan leads the Global Content Lab at Johnson & Johnson, where she oversees the corporate site, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and, soon, Instagram.

Carrie Sloan, VP, Director of the Global Content Lab, Johnson & Johnson


Fireside Chat

Carrie Sloan, VP, Director of the Global Content Lab, Johnson & Johnson

Moderated by: Wendy Kalison, Director, Content Partnerships, Studio71


Fireside Chat

Mike Scafidi, Director, Data Accelerator, PepsiCo

Moderated by: Jeremy Steinberg, CRO, Yieldmo




Panel: Navigating The New Technologies & Platforms Changing The Media Industry

Adam Benaroya, Senior Manager, Global Head of Performance Media, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Kevin Nemeth, VP Digital & Media, TD Bank
Theresa LaMontagne, Director, Digital Marketing and Media Operations, Verizon

Moderated by: Scott Hendrickson, SVP, Sales, News Corp | News IQ


Fireside Chat

Daryl Drabinsky, Digital Innovation, Aetna

Moderated by: Robyn Hannah, Senior Director, Global Communication, Dynamic Signal


Research Presentation: Where Are the Grown Ups: Adulthood vs. Adulting

With the ‘traditional’ path to adulthood becoming the exception vs. the norm, BuzzFeed and Publicis set out to understand how people today are (or are not) navigating their progression towards adulthood. In this session Edwin Wong, SVP of Research and Insights will share their findings, delving into their behaviors, attitudes and preferences, and how together they developed a playbook for brands to become powerful partners with younger consumers by providing the content they value highly via the sources they trust most.

Edwin Wong, SVP Research & Insights, BuzzFeed


Networking Break


Fireside Chat – Engaging Consumers Across Media & Devices

Traci Spiegelman, Director, Global Media, Mastercard

Moderated by: Zach Kubin, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Parsec Media


Exploring The Future of Social Media

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date. For the first time ever, consumers were given a voice and the ability to establish an open and meaningful dialogue with their favorite brands and the brands were given new platforms and tools engage with their consumers on a 1:1 basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But the role social media plays in the marketing strategy and media mix has evolved significantly. No longer helmed by interns, operated in silos, and relegated to a budgetary afterthought, Social Media’s role spans communications, advertising, PR, customer service, content marketing, and paid advertising. It’s role for brands and consumers is ubiquitous and is often the driving behind the most successful campaigns and consumer engagement.

So how are the most successful brands in America successfully using social media to get a meaningful market advantage over their competitors? How have brands re-envisioned it’s role within the broader marketing, advertising, and media ecosystem?

Moderated by: Robyn Hannah, Senior Director, Global Communication, Dynamic Signal

Rael Enteen, Director of Digital & Social Media, New York Jets
Jessica Goon, Sr. Director of Digital, KIND Snacks
Andrea Port, Director, Public Relations and Social Media, Kohl’s
Ryan Saghir, Director of Digital, Sabra Dipping Company


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