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The Internet has fundamentally and forever changed the relationship between brands and consumers. Brand Innovators Future of Media will examine how brands are using digital media and advertising technology to engage with and build long term relationships with their consumers. Hear first-hand from your fellow brand marketers about how they are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, mobile platforms, advanced television technologies, marketing automation, and data and analytics, to identify, target and convert new customers and grow their marketshare. Qualified brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands may participate at Brand Innovators Future of Media by submitting the following brief Registration form.

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Brand Innovators Future of Media is putting the Marketing and Media Industries on review

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Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators

Event Chair: Jamie Kennedy, Senior Manager, Social Media Operations, McDonald’s Corporation


Fireside Chat

Dan Gingiss, Senior Director, Global Social Media, McDonald’s Corporation

Q&A conducted by: Claudio Santori, Business Development, Smartly.io


The Future of Television: TV 2.0 is Here to Stay

Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the television industry. From connected TV to multi-channel networks, the lines are blurring between traditional television and content delivered online. As the digital video landscape matures, the linear TV platform is evolving in lockstep, adopting new data and targeting vehicles, with addressable television advertising becoming more prevalent, and programmatic TV on the horizon. Television is still the most powerful and effective form of media and advertising ever created. So, rather than running away from it, how can brands embrace and benefit from the evolution of television? Where should they be investing in video? Stay tuned; and get ready for the golden age of of television, all over again, albeit in the digital age.

Moderator: Tim Spengler, President & Chief Revenue Officer, Simulmedia

Jennifer Feldman, US Media Manager, McDonald’s Corporation
Ed Gold, Advertising Director, State Farm


Fireside Chat with Tronc Publishing & Tout

In 2016, Tribune Publishing underwent a controversial re-branding, prioritized video as a core element of their product-roadmap and declared they would more than double the number of articles that include embedded videos from 16% to 50% within a year. One year later, we check in with Tronc and its transformation from a traditional print publisher to a video-centric publisher. What successes in user engagement have they seen from this new digital strategy?

Victor Lim, Director of Strategy, Tronc

Q&A conducted by: Jason Shulman, VP Global Demand, Tout


Networking Break


Digital Video Explosion

Digital video consumption is growing faster than you can say fast forward, and digital video advertising is following suite. According to eMarketer, digital video advertising will surpass $5.5 billion in 2014, posting 30%+ annual year-over-year growth, and the industry is poised to bill over $10 billion by 2018. Once more, cutting edge brands know that the torrid growth in digital video is being driven by millennials, the elusive trend setters who make up the next generation of consumers, making this paradigm shift even more acute. Are you in lock-step with Gen Y? Are you creating original content for the Internet? What’s your video strategy?

Moderator: Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer, VideoAmp

Michael Mazza, Director of Marketing: Reynolds Wrap®, Reynolds Consumer Products
Dan Moriarty, Digital Director, Chicago Bulls
Paul Sluberski, head of CPG and Video, TAPAD
Kate Trumbull, Digital Marketing Director, Domino’s


The Future of Media: Television & Digital Convergence

Media is on a long path of convergence where technology and massive data are changing the way we organize, plan and execute all media. Mediaocean has provided agencies and brands the software over decades to plan and buy television and digital (over $100B annually) and is now at the center of how television is changing. Come hear how the changes will impact how brands think about the network television upfront and how to think about planning and buying.

Ramsey McGrory, CRO, MediaOcean


Fireside Chat – How Advanced Targeting is Driving Impact

Alyssa Buetikofer, Calendar Planning Director, US, McDonald’s Corporation

Q&A conducted by: Pete Macey, Vice President, Innovid

12:00 Noon

Measuring Performance in a Future Media World

As brands expand their use of digital media and adtech to engage and build relationships with consumers, the ability to translate performance data into meaningful insights about what’s working and what’s not has become an essential part of marketing success. According to a new report published by Brand Innovators and Origami Logic, however, only 3 out of 10 marketers currently excel in their efforts to extract insights from their marketing performance data. We’ll dive into the survey findings and explore why 80% of marketers are putting more focus on measuring performance in 2017. You’ll walk away with practical tips about how your organization can improve its measurement effectiveness.

Matt Foley, Vice President of Sales, Origami Logic




The Future of Digital Media

If 2016 was a watershed year for the marketing and media industries, 2017 is where everything has been turned upside down. Digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general, yet the tactics and channels that once worked, are losing traction, while emerging media and technologies that were recently untested and gimmicky, are now proven vehicles for reaching consumers in new and exciting ways.

Mobile has become the platform of choice for consuming media and entertainment; brands are publishing more original content than ever; digital video continues to challenge television. But the strategies, digital toolsets, and media, behind these efforts continue to evolve.

Lean in and learn how today’s foremost brand marketers are using new technologies.

Moderator: Margee Anderson, RVP, West and Midwest, Media IQ

Lindsay Brown, Sr. Digital Marketing & Communications Leader, GE Transportation
Dan Gingiss, Senior Director, Global Social Media, McDonald’s Corporation
Alana Widdess, GM, Digital and CFO – Gifts & Celebrations, Sears Holdings Corporation
Eric Ziegenhagen, Director of Digital Engagement, Aparium Hotel Group


Fireside Chat – Practical Marketing

Ernie Mattin, Vice President, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

Q&A conducted by: April Denn, Director, Brand Partnerships, Foursquare


Fireside Chat – Finding your Audience: Lessons from a Niche Marketing Category

Jennifer Burns, Director, Marketing Strategy and Communications, Discover Financial Services

Q&A conducted by: Jen Pineda, VP of Sales, Networked Insights


Fireside Chat — The Future of TV – Does It Work?!?

Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television Solutions at NinthDecimal and Daniel Solarz, Associate Director at Publicis, discuss several different advanced television executions, specifically what can be learned and what can be measured.

Brian Kilmer, SVP of Advanced Television Solutions at NinthDecimal
Daniel Solarz, Associate Director, Publicis


Networking Break


Keynote – Why Every Marketer Needs to Know Shopper Marketing

In the ever-changing marketing landscape, marketers are tasked with knowing a little bit about everything, as opposed to being deep subject matter experts. Instead of being the social media team, or the consumer promotions team, today’s marketer needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the entire journey a consumer takes while interacting with their brand – the path to purchase plus the moment where they experience your brand. Many organizations and agencies split shopper marketing into a separate function from the consumer marketing group, or a separate team entirely. What’s a marketer to do when their consumer might be different than their shopper? Learn why every marketer needs to know the basics of shopper marketing, and four key concepts to keep in mind to save you from calling another team or adding yet another agency to the mix.

Genevieve Mazzeo, Integrated Marketing, Treehouse Foods


What Brands Can Learn From Stand Up Comedians

Emerson Spartz, CEO, DOSE


The New Bull Market in Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is re-inventing how all forms of advertising are being bought and sold. Not unlike the digital transformation of the financial services industry and the growth of online trading in the 1990’s, advertising — including digital media, print, outdoor, radio and television — is now being “traded” electronically on advertising exchanges, seamlessly matching “bids” with “asks,” no differently than how Wall Street traders buy and sell stock on the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. Programmatic advertising platforms are also enabling brands to use first and second party data to target their consumers and qualify their prospects with incredible efficiency. How is programmatic advertising changing the marketing industry? How are the smartest brands in the world leveraging programmatic advertising to their advantage? How is programmatic advertising changing the brand-agency relationship? How much further can this bull run? Lean back and learn how the smart money is investing in programmatic advertising.

Moderator: Jack Mollins, VP of Sales, Western US, Juicemobile

Shaun Healy, Senior Brand Manager, Media & IMC Partnerships, US Cellular
Christy Kazlo, Media Manager, ConAgra Foods
Keary Phillips, Head of Digital – Sr. Director Digital Marketing, Angie’s List


Fireside Chat

Daniel Fragoso, Project Manager, U.S Digital, McDonald’s Corporation
Andrew Vitale, Global Digital Senior Product Designer, McDonald’s Corporation

Q&A conducted by: Jim Larrison, President, Dynamic Signal



Kristin Kroepfl, Vice President, Marketing, Rupari Food Services


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