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From Baccarat and Bentley to Rolex and Ray-Ban, the Internet has fundamentally transformed the way luxury brands market their products. While they may have been fashionably late to the party, luxury brands the world over are embracing the visual, social and interactive tools that digital media provides them with, to identify and interact more closely with their consumers, generate positive word of mouth, and launch their next limited edition. In addition, E-Commerce is providing a new and untapped channel for premium products. Brand Innovators Future of Luxury Brand Marketing will provide brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands with an important forum to share success stories about how they are using digital media and advertising technology to engage more closely with their consumers. We will hear from some of the best and brightest brand marketers at some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, about how they are using technology to drive new customers into the purchase funnel. This event is complimentary to qualified brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands.

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Brand Innovators Future of Luxury Brand Marketing is putting the marketing and media industries on review.

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators


Building A Luxury Brand in the Digital Era

Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming how luxury brands market themselves. From Baccarat to Bentley, Gucci to Gulfstream, and Rolex to Relais & Châteaux luxury brands are rapidly embracing big data, digital video, social media, content marketing, mobile/tablets and other digital platforms to engage more closely with their consumers. Nevertheless, the exclusive nature inherent in luxury brands mean that personalization and fusing together paid media, social activities and real-time marketing is key. Learn how leading luxury brands are scoring big wins in digital.

Moderator: Magnus Eliasson, VP of Sales, CrowdTwist

Luis Spencer Freitas, Digital Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard
Kim Kyaw, Director, Digital – Lindblad Expeditions


Keynote — Porsche Ultimate: Taking Experiential Marketing to the Next Level

Jessica Taylor-Smith, Luxury Travel Manager, Porsche



Michael Karsch, Chairman of the Board, Juice Press


Fireside Chat

Stacey Levy, Director, Global Events, Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC

Q&A conducted by: Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators


Networking Break


Matching Brands with Influencer Talent…Fun Times!

At the heart of every successful influencer marketing campaign is a great match between brand and influencer where the influencer brings their authentic voice, creative ideas and audience to the campaign. By leveraging data, you can look in the overlap between a brand’s fans, campaign target audience, and the influencer’s fans for the best influencer options. Let’s play a matching game with real brands and real influencesr to see if you can find the best match.

Paul Kontonis, Chief Marketing Officer, WHOSAY


Success Story: The Power of Hidden Brand Partnerships

Evan Licht, President & General Manager, BLADE


Evolution of Luxury and Where It’s Going Next

With the advent of the internet, luxury has changed. What used to be exclusive is democratized. What used to be dictated is crowd sourced. Understanding how we got here is important, but trying to predict where it’s going is even more important. How does this affect your brand?

Rebecca Foerster, Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Leo Schachter
Tara Lubin, Director, VIP Relations, MaxMara USA
Jason Pomeranc, Founder & Owner, SIXTY Hotels
Evan Licht, President & General Manager, BLADE
Paul Ziff, former Brand President, North America, Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry, Richemont




Fireside Chat

Nick Parmar, Director, Global Brand Innovation, W Hotels Worldwide

Q&A conducted by: Seth Forman, Director of Travel & Tourism, Quantcast


Touch Points in Luxury: Brand Storytelling Through the Integration of Video and Social Channels

Luxury companies have always been publishers of brand stories, but the industry was initially slow to adopt social media, fearing it would destroy their perceived exclusivity. Today, stories are being tailored and media is being created for the express purpose of driving engagement and distribution among luxury audiences across all of the established and emerging social media channels. Video is the medium of choice, for its ability to authentically reflect brand history, craftsmanship, product information, celebrity endorsements and serial plots. Hear firsthand why video supports the overall message for brands and creates seamless, integrated stories, while platforms like Twitter, Instagram and other emerging social influencer tools are used to distribute and amplify messages.

Moderator: Seth Forman, Director of Travel & Tourism, Quantcast

Nina Libby, Director of Marketing, SIXTY Hotels
Zac Nichols, Director of Special Projects & Brand Activation, SIXTY Hotels


Fireside Chat

Dana Randall, Senior Director Global Innovation, Coach

Q&A conducted by: Wendi Sturgis, Chief Customer Officer, Yext


Networking Break



Andrew Goldberg, Partner, TAO Group


The Millennial Shopper: A New King of Luxury Consumer

What will engage, inspire and move Millennials to become luxury consumers? Typical Millennial shoppers admire the same brands as their parents, but purchase for different reasons. They are cause-oriented, eco-responsible, enjoy travel and usually shop after extensive online research, most often on their mobile devices. How do luxury brand marketers capture, engage and inspire this new generation? Learn how leading luxury marketers are gathering data about the habits and interests of young luxury shoppers, and combining them with marketing programs that reflect the unique value systems of this important segment.

Nelson Gillum, Sr. Marketing & Events Manager, Dolce & Gabbana
Jean-Marc Lacroix, Director of Ecommerce, The Webster


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