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The Future of Consumer Experience and Retail — building long term sustainable relationships with your consumers, trust, and communities and networks of users — is the holy grail of brand management. The Internet and digital media, in general, is impacting every aspect of the consumer experience. Powerful new tools, including digital video, social media, mobile devices and tablets, in-game advertising, content marketing, and gamification have empowered both brands and their consumers. As we move from an analog to digital culture and from mass communication to a more personalized approach to the consumer experience, it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to retail their products and services more effectively and most efficiently. Brand Innovators Future of Consumer Experience and Retail will provide brand marketers, from Fortune 500 and other leading brands, with an important forum to share success stories and best practices about what’s working to engage consumers.

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Registration and Breakfast


Retail Showcase: Start-up Zone (1st Floor)

Explore and interact with some of the hottest start-ups in retail including – Swirl, Glance, Vengo, Cloud Tags, Satisfi, Blue by Belly, Brand View and more . Smart mirrors, beacons, interactive displays, AI, bot technology and more, attendees will hear the latest trends on how to connect with today’s modern shopper.

Retail Showcase: Strategic Partners (3rd Floor)

Learn about the latest retail initiatives and what’s on the horizon from Google, Pinterest, Microsoft, Facebook and more.





Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Jared Hopfer, Chief Revenue Officer, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship


Opening Keynote – Future Retail Unzipped: Key Retail Trends for 2017 and Beyond

From re-thinking intimacy and experimental ‘beta brandscapes’ to the rise of exploratory experiences that defy the logic of algorithms, this session will take you on an intriguing journey into some of the most significant trends set to impact the retail landscape in 2017 and beyond.

Alison Gough, Senior US Analyst, Stylus


Fireside Chat

Alison Gough, Senior US Analyst, Stylus

Q&A conducted by: Anne Bologna, Chief Strategy Officer, iCrossing


Customer Experience 2020: Omni-Channel Retailing & Loyalty

Consumers now expect a seamless experience as they engage more actively with retailers in-store, online and on the go. From inventory availability to loyalty programs and synchronized support, both in-store and across devices, retail brands are in a unique position to build meaningful customer affinity on the path to purchase and beyond. Savvy retailers understand these changing dynamics and the power their physical locations have to drive e-commerce growth and how discovery online can increase traffic back to their stores. After taking stock of the latest omni-channel retailing trends and loyalty program strategies, we’ll challenge our panelists for predictions about what customer experience, brand engagement and loyalty may look like for retailers in the not-so-distant future.

Moderator: Luke Starbuck, VP Marketing, Linc

Andy Cipra, Chief Commercial Officer, MedAvail Technologies
Joe Rago, Director, Guest & Enterprise Mobility, ULTA Beauty
Dimple Rao, Director, Digital Product Management, American Medical Association


Keynote – Disrupting the 100 year old Pharmacy Experience

With the generations old debate on healthcare coverage and drug costs heating up this year you have to ask yourself where is this all going? There is no denying that consumers are increasingly feeling the effects in their wallets and approaching their health care purchases more like a consumer than just a patient. Meanwhile the smart phone and disruptors like Amazon, Uber and Google are rapidly changing what we expect from the companies and brands we buy health care products and services from. This talk will look at how the local drugstore in your neighborhood hasn’t changed much since the days of soda fountains – but is rapidly re-imagining how, when and where the consumer accesses the nearly 1 Trillion dollar global pharmaceutical market.

Andy Cipra, Chief Commercial Officer, MedAvail Technologies


Fireside Chat – Next Door State Farm

Brett will discuss the innovative community space concept, Next Door, created as a learning lab for State Farm.

Brett Myers, Next Door Program Director, State Farm


Fireside Chat – From Campaign Oriented to Consumer Oriented Marketing

In today’s connected world, retail marketers are making a shift towards consumer first marketing. Join Erin Gordon as she shares insights on how Belk is making this transition leveraging technology, data and cutting-edge marketing solutions to drive engagement with its consumers. We will explore the immediate and long term benefits for brands that make the transition.

Erin Gordon, Director of Digital Marketing, Belk

Q&A conducted by: Noah Glazov, VP, Strategic Accounts, Yext


Networking Break


The New Norm: eCommerce & Mobile Shopping

40% of global internet users, or more than 1 billion people, have bought products or goods online and the internet contributes to more than $2.2 trillion in annual retail sales. And, with an estimated 4.77 billion mobile users worldwide in 2017, it’s no surprise that mobile commerce is expected to grow 2.58 times faster than total eCommerce sales. Even in store shopping is affected by mobile with 82% of smartphone users saying they consult their phone during shopping in a physical location. Shoppers now expect seamless inventory visibility and synchronized customer support both in-store and online, as they increasingly engage with retailers via mobile, both in-store and on the path to purchase.

Ad spend is increasingly shifting to digital as eCommerce continues to grow. Companies expect to allocate 30% of their marketing budget to online in 2017. This rate is expected to grow a whopping 35% in 2018. Online spend for search engine marketing will capture the largest share with the next largest share being online display, including banner ads, online video, etc.

Our panel weighs in on the evolving consumer habits, all the new opportunities and challenges afforded by the mass shift to eCommerce and mobile shopping, and the technologies enabling retailers to keep pace.

Moderator: Lauren Abney, Senior Director, Kargo

Jarrad Berman, Vertical Marketing Lead, eCommerce, Facebook
Brandi Pitts, Vice President, Marketing & eCommerce, Reynolds Consumer Products
Jon Shen, former Senior Director, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Consumer Promotions, ConAgra Foods
Ethelbert Williams, CMO, InstaNatural


POV – Modern Marketing Success: Plan Around People. Not Products.

We are now firmly entrenched in a reality that is consumer-led, forcing brands to transform their own behavior (rather than their customers’) if they are to remain relevant and drive business growth. And while the notion of a “consumer in control’ is not a new one, the question remains; are we as marketers doing enough to adapt and thrive in a world where the traditionally product-centric “B2C” approach needs to give way to a people-centric “C2B” playbook, grounded in an understanding of the modern customer journey. Join iCrossing’s VP of Strategy Herb Sawyer to explore how to drive successful modern marketing in an age of digitally-savvy, empowered consumers.

Herb Sawyer, VP, Strategy, iCrossing


Keynote – The Journey on an Inspired Path to Purchase

Brian will debut new research about the path to purchase. The study explores the roles that different digital media platforms play in commercial decision making.

Brian Monahan, Head of Vertical Strategy, Pinterest


Closing Keynote — CMOs: Back to the Strategy Drawing Board

Many U.S. CMOs now need to go back to the strategy drawing board to respond to the seismic socio-economic changes instigated by technology acceleration, consumer and customer expectations, nimble new global competition, global market shifts, new policies and more. Many industries are re-examining potential impacts of these on their current strategies. While responding can be challenging, smart strategies can also deliver unprecedented economic gain for companies who adapt. Nearly every CMO is being asked the big strategic questions: “What will happen, how should our strategy respond to win, and will you have an answer by tomorrow?!”

Kim Feil, CEO, bizHive.com


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