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Consumer Engagement (CE) — building long term sustainable relationships with your consumers, trust, and communities and networks of users — is the holy grail of brand management. The Internet and digital media, in general, is impacting every aspect of Consumer Engagement. Powerful new tools, including digital video, social media, mobile devices and tablets, in-game advertising, content marketing, and gamification have empowered both brands and their consumers. As we move from an analog to digital culture and from mass communication to a more personalized approach to Consumer Engagement, it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to market their products and services to their consumers most efficiently.

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Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement is putting the marketing and media industries on review.

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Melissa McKinley, Vice President Community Operations, Brand Innovators

Opening Remarks: Stephen Strauss, Vice President, Brand Innovators Labs

Host: Andrea Shaikin, Loyalty Consultant, Scotiabank

Event Chair: Carrie Jackson, Director, Sales, Groups, Events, Cineplex Entertainment


Driving Growth with Digital Transformation

Technology is a game-changer, reinventing how Fortune 500 brands engage with their consumers, and stay out in front of their competitors. Learn first-hand how leading brands are using social media, content marketing, digital video advertising, marketing automation, and personalization, to build loyalty and long-term relationships with their consumers.

Moderated by: Derek Fung, Sales Manager, Quantcast

Sameer Bandeali, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Leader, Maple Leaf Foods
Melinda Berman, Global eCommerce Manager, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Sarah Green, Associate Vice President, Integrated Marketing, TD Bank Group
Nancy Modrcin, Vice President, Marketing, Metro


Keynote – Evolving Guest Engagement at Cineplex

While everyone knows Cineplex as Canada’s #1 destination for movie lovers, over the past few years the company has been aggressively diversifying into new entertainment offerings including dining, gaming, events, e-sports and virtual reality. As the business of Cineplex evolves, so too has its communication and engagement strategy with its guests. Greg Ambrose, VP of Loyalty, Insights & Guest Experience at Cineplex will share the challenges and opportunities that Cineplex sees in the market and highlight the key elements that guide Cineplex as it focuses on strengthening its guest relationships through relevant and meaningful engagement.

Greg Ambrose, Vice President, Loyalty, Insights & Guest Experience, Cineplex Entertainment


Fireside Chat

Greg Ambrose, Vice President, Loyalty, Insights & Guest Experience, Cineplex Entertainment

Moderated by: Marie Chevrier, CEO & Founder,


How to Reach Holiday Shoppers More Effectively

If you want to reach holiday shoppers, the more you know the better. Robert Jones, VP of Research and Insights at MiQ, will share insights from the latest Holiday Shopping study to show how marketers can create targeted digital strategies that drive better results.

Robert Jones, VP of Research and Insights, MiQ


Networking Break


What’s Next in Digital

Looking out at 2019, this discussion will explore how the marketing and media industries will evolve as digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. At once, social media is changing how brand build 1:1 relationships with their consumers; mobile is becoming the platform of choice for consuming media, entertainment, and for commerce; brands are publishing more original content than ever; and digital video continues to challenge television.

Moderated by: Darrick Li, Senior Director, Sales, comScore, Inc.

Shelby Gorelle, Brand Marketing Manager, Piloti, Canadian Tire
Cara Gresser, Manager, Global Brand Content, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
Tina Portillo, Senior Manager, Marketing Planning, Scotiabank
Lorne Solway, Board Member, Direct Marketing Association of Canada


Fireside Chat

Michelle Burko, Marketing Manager, Digital & eCommerce, General Mills Canada

Moderated by: Robert Burko, CEO, Elite Digital


Road-mapping for Mobiles Future State

The last 2 years have seen significant disruption in digital advertising making it a interesting time for companies that build advertising technology. Ed will discuss some Juice Mobile’s thinking and positioning as it builds mobile advertising capabilities for what it sees as future challenges and needs of the advertising community.

Ed Layton, VP, Sales, Juice Mobile

12:00 Noon



Fireside Chat – Personalization

Andrea Shaikin, Loyalty Consultant, Scotiabank

Moderated by: Carol Tompkins, Director of Marketing, Trialfire


Adapting to Consumers Changing Behavior

The latest advances in technology and new media platforms have greatly impacted how we market to consumers. Things like voice, mobile, data, social, etc. are all changing the way we reach our consumers. It has an impact on every aspect of how we market. Not only do we constantly look at our creative in in the overall advertising message but we also have to look at our packaging and constantly innovating and coming up with new products and solutions to meet consumer needs. Join our panel as we discuss the myriad of ways that we as marketers can get personal with our customers in today’s digital age.

Moderated by: Nick Cheetany, Vice President, Central Region Sales, AdTheorent

Azim Akhtar, Marketing Manager, The Hershey Company
Linda Ferrandini, Senior Marketing Manager, Kraft Heinz Canada
Nicholas Lakas, VP, Asset Management, InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust
Andrea Shaikin, Loyalty Consultant, Scotiabank


How Values-Driven Marketing lets SodaStream Sparkle in Canada

This session, featuring Rena Nickerson, GM of Sodastream, will explore best practices regarding values-driven marketing, changing consumer expectations, and the evolution of consumer engagement within retail the beverage and retail space.

Rena Nickerson, GM, Canada, Sodastream

Moderated by: Jason Furlano, VP Sales, MiQ


Fireside Chat – Prioritizing Digital & Emerging Channels to Focus on for 2019

Nicolas Petraglia, Senior Manager of Customer Insights & Social Media, Scotiabank

Moderated by: Stephen Strauss, VP, Brand Innovators


Networking Break


The Luxury of the Self

Our relationship with technology is changing. As consumers embrace individuality and self-expression, how should luxury brands adapt? When media becomes personal, advertising needs to become personal as well. Bryan Melmed, VP of Insights Services at Exponential, will review the implications of changing perceptions and how luxury brands can remain inspirational in a world of countless aspirations.

Bryan Melmed, VP of Insights Services, Exponential


How Social Media Marketing Changed The Game

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date. For the first time ever, consumers were given a voice and the ability to establish an open and meaningful dialogue with their favorite brands and the brands were given new platforms and tools engage with their consumers on a 1:1 basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But the role social media plays in the marketing strategy and media mix has evolved significantly. No longer helmed by interns, operated in silos, and relegated to a budgetary afterthought, Social Media’s role spans communications, advertising, PR, customer service, content marketing, and paid advertising. It’s role for brands and consumers is ubiquitous and is often the driving behind the most successful campaigns and consumer engagement.

So how are the most successful brands in America successfully using social media to get a meaningful market advantage over their competitors? How have brands re-envisioned it’s role within the broader marketing, advertising, and media ecosystem?

Moderated by: Chris Stefanyk, Head of Brand Partnerships, Wattpad

Mathieu Gamache, Senior Marketing Manager, The Hershey Company
Nicolas Petraglia, Senior Manager of Customer Insights & Social Media, Scotiabank
Margaret Tsuji, Senior Manager, Digital Care, Rogers Communications
Derrick Valenzuela, Senior Marketing Manager – WorldGaming, Cineplex Entertainment


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