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At the most cutting edge brands today, marketers and in-house creative teams are finding ways to reach across the aisle. Using new workflows and creative tools, these teams are delivering brilliant results with customizable campaigns that delight and target the right customer at the right place and time. Brand Innovators Deep Dive on Creativity & Marketing presented by Adobe at Accenture Interactive will explore real life examples and hear from creatives and marketers who are maximizing results through collaboration. Join us on Wednesday, October 11 at the Accenture Offices in New York City (155 Avenue of the Americas). Qualified brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands may register for our Brand Innovators Deep Dive on Creativity & Marketing at Accenture Interactive by filling out the following brief Registration form. We look forward to seeing you at our Brand Innovators Deep Dive on Creativity & Marketing in New York!

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Can marketing and creative teams collaborate to make better ads…and do it faster?

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Adam Remson, Chief Strategy Officer, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer


Opening Remarks — Accenture

Adam Beckerman, Content Creation and Production Lead, Accenture


Creatives as Brand Storytellers

Why marketing is partnering with in-house creatives at Adobe

Brenda will discuss how over the course of her career as a Photography Director that she’s found the relationship between creative and marketing divisions have evolved to a place where team boundaries blur and a real partnership has emerged to create stronger, more aligned brand messaging. She will share examples specific to her role at Adobe that show how Creative and Marketing teams are closely embedded together in campaign work. She will also discuss how the Adobe digital workflow makes finding, compiling and sharing visual assets across teams a seamless process and integral to maximizing productivity and cross-team communication for faster, more successful campaign work.

Brenda Milis, Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends, Adobe


Networking Break


Design from Within

How to build internal teams to design and innovate

How can organizations keep up with the pace of change? If you think that pace is fast now, beware, because it’s only getting faster. In this talk, we’ll explore Fjord’s answer to this challenge, which centers around creating a design capability within a company, and embedding a design culture that permeates the whole business. We’ll look at Fjord’s three approaches to helping businesses continue to thrive in changing markets, setting them up to nurture an organization-wide attitude that embraces change as opportunity rather than inconvenience.

Page Schmucker, Service Design Lead, Fjord


Panel: Collaboration — The Key to Success

Like any great marriage, great advertising is often the result of the marketing and creative teams working in tandem to conceive and execute brilliant ideas. Easier said, than done. Hear first-hand how successful brand marketers work together with their creative colleagues to strike a righteous balance between the campaign’s objectives and the creative vision. In what is sure to be a lively session, our panelists will share their stories from the front lines.

Moderator: Laura Santa, Senior Business Development Manager, Adobe

Michael Brzozowski, Content Strategy Lead, Accenture Interactive
Christophe Attard, VP Marketing , Air France
Javier Andrade-Marin, Marketing Director, Verizon




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Accenture Interactive 155 Avenue of the Americas 10th floor New York, NY 10013





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