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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Melissa McKinley, Vice President Community Operations, Brand Innovators

Brand Host: Eric Nelson, CIO North America, The Kraft Heinz Company

Event Chair: Brian Sobecks, Senior Digital Innovator & Evangelist, The Kraft Heinz Company


Keynote – The Marketing AI Revolution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being deployed throughout enterprises to solve longstanding challenges and create new opportunities for innovation. This session will share newly completed research done in partnership with Forrester. The study shows that while significant strides have been made in the adoption of AI-powered marketing solutions, marketers are still learning how to really harness and collaborate with AI’s power – today working more as operators than collaborators. This session will demystify AI terminology and explore how marketing teams can think about what it means to deploy autonomous AI to solve the challenges presented by a digital media landscape characterized by rapid evolution, lack of transparency and data overload. We’ll also explore how teams are now working alongside an autonomous AI that enables real-time decision making and execution of cross-channel digital campaigns. The next wave of AI empowers marketers to get the most out of their existing technology investments.

Mark Kirschner, CMO, Albert


Fireside Chat – Personalized Marketing in the Age of Big Data & AI

Ryan Watson, Vice President, Head of Media Platforms & Marketing AI, The Kraft Heinz Company

Moderated by: Hank Rooney, Director, Enterprise Sales, Albert


Panel – Mass Media vs Personalization: Striking The Right Balance

From traditional linear TV to individual influencers, to niche social networks, there is no shortage of viable media outlets to serve as your brand’s platform in the constant battle to connect with consumers, some with vast audiences and wide reach, others with small, highly curated users. What it often comes down is Awareness vs Relevance, understanding which platform will achieve which objective, and striking the right balance between the two. This session will dive into the oft-conflicting goals of generating wide scale Brand Awareness with personalization and building one-on-one consumer relationships. What are the the media and digital tool sets needed to make the most out of your budget? What are the data strategies that will ensure you’re taking the right approach and messaging to the appropriate platforms with the customers you actually want to target? And how close are we to achieving the ever-elusive holy grail of “personalization at scale?”

Moderated by: Jasmine Presson, SVP, Strategic Client Services, Albert

Ciare James, Brand Director, Conagra Brands
Stephen Murphy, Vice President – Cards and Payments Strategy, TransUnion
Alexandra Taylor, Head of CRM & Kraft Recipes, The Kraft Heinz Company


Fireside Chat


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Kraft Heinz Company Aon Center, 76th Floor 200 E. Randolf St. Chicago, IL 60601





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