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Consumer Engagement (CE) — building long term sustainable relationships with your consumers, trust, and communities and networks of users — is the holy grail of brand management. The Internet and digital media, in general, is impacting every aspect of Consumer Engagement. Powerful new tools, including digital video, social media, mobile devices and tablets, in-game advertising, content marketing, and gamification have empowered both brands and their consumers. As we move from an analog to digital culture and from mass communication to a more personalized approach to Consumer Engagement, it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to market their products and services to their consumers most efficiently. Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement will provide brand marketers, from Fortune 500 and other leading brands, with an important forum to share success stories and best practices about what’s working in Consumer Engagement. We look forward to seeing you at in San Francisco, Thursday, January 26!

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Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement is putting the marketing and media industries on review.

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer

Host: Ted Rubin, Social Media Strategist, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, author of Return on Relationship


The Future of Media and Consumer Engagement

Digital media and the Internet have rapidly transformed the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From connected TV to mobile devices to wearables, media and entertainment is everywhere. Consumers today not only expect, but demand content anywhere, anytime, across every screen, device, and media platform that they encounter throughout the day. As a result, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with consumers. How is the digital transformation of the marketing and media media industries impacting brand marketing? How can brand marketers take advantage of this paradigm shift and use technology to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers? What’s the next big thing that will disrupt the marketing and media industries? You heard it here first.

Moderator: Mike Trigg, COO, Hightail

Jennifer Heyman, Vice President, Digital & Social Media, Wells Fargo
Alex Flagg, Digital / eCommerce Marketing Strategy Leader, Small Business Segment, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Jonathan Spier, CEO, PLAE



Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter, Digital Anthropologist, author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design


Keynote — 2020: Content Marketing, A Personalized Odyssey

Lisa Tenenbown, Head of Industry, Retail & Travel, Outbrain

We live in a personalized world. Here’s how you can engage consumers with content that resonates with them.


Networking Break


All is Fair in Love and Agencies

Building brand and agency relationships is key to succeeding in today’s digital landscape, but with so many ways for a partnership to go off the rails it is important to discuss openly what works, and what doesn’t. This panel of brand-side and agency-side participants will talk candidly about topics like price negotiation, when to fire your agency (or when to fire your client), and common mistakes that are made on both sides of the table.

Moderator: Kevin Rice, Chief Marketing Officer, Hathway

Jesse Dundon, CEO, Hathway
Tim Cunningham, Partner, Lippincott
Shane Greenwood, Creative Director, Clorox
Bruce Hershey, VP Marketing, Tailored Brands/Men’s Wearhouse


Success Story — Influential and IBM Watson

Steve Mnich, Head of Silicon Valley External Relations, IBM Watson
Ryan Detert, CEO, Influential


Supercharging Social Media Interactions with Consumers

Since the advent of social media, the paradigm has shifted from “pushing” messages to consumers, to “pulling” in their feedback, co-creating content and creating real meaningful interaction with audiences. Social media has streamlined market research, provided direct communication pipelines to address customer service, and established reputations through ratings and reviews. As social networks and listening tools continue to evolve, learn how to supercharge your interactions with customers through case studies about how to effectively use this two-way medium in new ways to create online communities while minimizing risk to brand reputation.

Moderator: Lindsay Menasco, Manager, ShareThrough

James Bagley, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, NakedWines.com
Michael Fenech, Global Social Strategy, Western Union
Danielle Samaniego, Senior Manager, Digital & Social Content, Levi Strauss & Co.




Fireside Chat

Ziad El Baba, Director, Member Engagement, Credit Karma


The Secret to Connecting your Brand with Millennials and Gen Z

Let’s face it; these connected generations are not on their parents’ social media sites. In fact, many do not use traditional social media at all, opting instead for apps like SnapChat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. They are on Reddit and Xbox and stream everything. They are extremely selective about how they get their information and peer-to-peer recommendations are the main vehicle for prompting them into action. They want to save the world, own it or create their own. Case studies and insights will lead this tactical guide to targeting Millennials and Gen Z and provide you with a roadmap for reaching this important demographic through discussions about authenticity, transparency, content, purpose, utility, and relevance.

Ana Cantu, Global Social Media Lead, Google
Deb Radcliff, SVP Marketing, West Marine



Alex Craddock, Global Head of Marketing – Personal Systems, HP


Fireside Chat

Alex Craddock, Global Head of Marketing – Personal Systems, HP

Q&A conducted by Dave Hawley, VP Marketing, Dynamic Signal


Networking Break


Forging Consumer Connections with Mobile and Emerging Media

The Bay Area is the heart of innovation and fast paced developments in emerging media and technologies. Each of these new media offer novel ways for brands to connect with and interact with audiences. Emerging technologies also make a habit of drastically altering the ways in which people shop, consume media, and interact with each other and the world. Keeping up can be exhausting, even for the most savvy of digital marketers. From mobile games to virtual reality to messaging apps to ephemeral media, which trends are real and which are fads? Which provide opportunities for marketers to innovate and get closer to consumers? How can brands tap into these developments to gain deeper understandings of who their customers are and what they want?

Moderator: Erin Dress, Shopper Marketing Lead, Linqia

Josephine Chew, Vice President of Digital Marketing, Wells Fargo
Tarren Corbett-Drummond, Senior Product Marketing Innovation Manager, AT&T Foundry
Amy Hanson, Global Marketing Director, Visa
Kimiko Thornton, Senior Director of Innovation, Bespoke, Westfield


Keynote — Not Everyone is Cut Out to Work on the Future. Are You?

Ruth Yomtoubian, Director, AT&T Foundry

Innovation is a jigsaw puzzle that requires many pieces to align just right – an inspired idea, a skilled team, the right timing, and access to the resources to make it all happen. In this puzzle, there’s a corner piece: A leader who can conceive, communicate and implement the vision. This person is tasked with working on the future, and must think and act like an entrepreneur even while working within a larger organization. She or he applies creativity, drive, team-building and risk-taking toward solving problems and bringing new ideas to market.

A job creating the future certainly sounds cool. But like any other job, not everyone is cut out for it. We will dive into five questions to ask yourself to determine if you’re ready to work on the future.


Fireside Chat

Eric Toda, Global Head of Social Marketing and Content, AirBnb

Q&A conducted by: Ryan Detert, CEO, Influential


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