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Consumer Engagement (CE) — building long term sustainable relationships with your consumers, trust, and communities and networks of users — is the holy grail of brand management. The Internet and digital media, in general, is impacting every aspect of Consumer Engagement. Powerful new tools, including digital video, social media, mobile devices and tablets, in-game advertising, content marketing, and gamification have empowered both brands and their consumers. As we move from an analog to digital culture and from mass communication to a more personalized approach to Consumer Engagement, it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to market their products and services to their consumers most efficiently. Brand Innovators Consumer Engagement will provide brand marketers, from Fortune 500 and other leading brands, with an important forum to share success stories and best practices about what’s working in Consumer Engagement.

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Breakfast and Registration


Welcome & Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Event Chair: Chad Stubbs, Vice President, Portfolio Retail Marketing, PepsiCo

Host: David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators


PepsiCo Shopper Marketing Roundtable

Greg Herman, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing, PepsiCo
Chad Stubbs, Vice President, Portfolio Retail Marketing, PepsiCo
Esperanza Teasdale, Sr. Director, Shopper Marketing, PepsiCo
Jim Waters, Senior Director, Shopper Marketing, PepsiCo

Moderated by: Nikki Wegner, Senior Regional Director of Brand Partnerships, Foursquare


Fireside Chat – The Future of Data

Mike Scafidi, Director, Marketing Technology and Data, North America Beverages, PepsiCo

Moderated by: Brooke Goldstein, Senior Brand Partner, Foursquare


Digital Marketing 2019 Outlook: Trends, Tactics, & Tools

Adam Benaroya, Global Head of Performance Media, HPE
Luis Spencer Freitas, Digital Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard USA
Stacey Nachtaler, Director of Shopper Marketing, PepsiCo
Brendan O’Marra, Director, Digital Marketing, North America, BIC

Moderated by: Paul Burani, Sales Director, Foursquare


Humanizing Location, AKA: Smart Segmentation on Steroids

Today’s connected consumer is barraged with brand facts and figures: including a barrage of banner ads, uninvited, untimely and uninformed.

Yet, what today’s connected consumers yearn for are connected experiences and messages that bridge the digital/real world divide building powerful brands, solutions and sales.

Gayle Fuguitt will share innovative approaches, case studies and data stories. Powerful technology applications that transform the places consumers go in the real world—their “foot traffic journey,” into valuable target audiences, and experiences. Foursquare is at the forefront building Speed to Scale to drive Sales.

From mass markets to custom target audiences,
From fact-based brand messaging to powerful contextually relevant connections,
From data facts to integrated data stories that open up your consumer’s world view and needs—finally delivering precision at scale: Head, Heart and Feet.

Gayle Fuguitt, Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation, Foursquare


Fireside Chat

Rita Ramirez, VP Digital Partnerships, MasterCard

Moderated by: Zoë Efrus, Strategic Partnerships, Business Development, Foursquare


Success Story – Mountain Dew

Kenneth Kearns, Director of Marketing, PepsiCo


Brand Innovation Fireside

Kimberly Curtis, Associate Director, Innovation – Colgate Oral Pharmaceutical, Colgate-Palmolive

Moderated by: Gayle Fuguitt, Chief of Customer Insight and Innovation, Foursquare


Fireside Chat

Kheri Tillman, Vice President, Global Brand Development, HARMAN International

Moderated by: Nikki Wegner, Senior Regional Director of Brand Partnerships, Foursquare


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