Advisory Board

John Starkweather

AVP, Marketing, AT&T

A little bit about me.

John Starkweather is a longtime community builder and digital marketer, now advertiser for AT&T Business: a division that serves 3.5M customers – from startups to virtually every Fortune 1000 company. As the head of brand and advertising, John and his team bring a mix of science and humanity to the art of advertising – creating integrated campaigns that strive to assist customers in finding technology solutions that meet their needs. Before joining AT&T in Dallas, John built the global social and digital groups at HTC which consistently outranked their competitors for consumer engagement. And over nearly a decade with Microsoft, he held senior marketing and communications roles where he established a customer insights-driven product development model still being used today. John is very much a citizen of the world, having lived and worked across Asia, Western Europe and now the suburban jungle of Dallas. A graduate of Brigham Young University, John is passionate about the outdoors, cycling and his family. @johnstarky